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Search Results for International Law in 2002.

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31/12/2002 Japan's Tax Revenue To Cover Just Half Of Expenditure
31/12/2002 Denktash Continues Anti-EU Propaganda
30/12/2002 Russia's Customs Are Major Obstacle To WTO Entry
30/12/2002 Madeira Waits For The 'Devil In The Details' Of New Aid Scheme
30/12/2002 Hong Kong To Tighten Up Listing Requirements In 2003
27/12/2002 Luxembourg Parliament Adopts UCITS III Directives
27/12/2002 Isle Of Man Updates EU Legislation
26/12/2002 'Bermuda Short' Accused Pleads Guilty In Plea Bargain
25/12/2002 George Soros Reported To Re-Enter Hedge Fund Management
25/12/2002 Internet Travel Intermediary Attacked Over Tax Practices
24/12/2002 Turkey Backs Down Over Self-Employment Tax
24/12/2002 UK Government To Close Tonnage Tax Loophole
24/12/2002 Hong Kong Listed Companies Still To Publish Paid Press Ads
24/12/2002 US Treasury Imposes Sanctions On Ukraine And Nauru
23/12/2002 Canadian Corporate Tax Rate To Fall In 2003
23/12/2002 Jersey Must Wait Until March For IMF Report
23/12/2002 US Experts Welcome Prospect Of Dividend Tax Cut
23/12/2002 More Senior Congressmen Attack IRS Interest-Reporting Rules
23/12/2002 IRS Prosecutes Schneider For Alleged Nauru Bank Racket
20/12/2002 CSFB Fined For Misleading Japanese Tax Authority
20/12/2002 Prominent US Senator Asks Treasury To Hold Interest-Reporting Measure
19/12/2002 IRS Cracks Down On S Corporation Share Plans
19/12/2002 17 US Congressmen Write To Treasury About Bank Reporting Rules
19/12/2002 Isle Of Man Examines Implications Of Savings Tax Talks Breakdown
19/12/2002 CISX Welcomes Inland Revenue Endorsement
19/12/2002 Pension Tax Relief Changes To Hit UK's High Income Earners
19/12/2002 States Will Begin To Ratify SSTP In The New Year
18/12/2002 ATO Bans Instalment Warrants Over Tax Concerns
18/12/2002 Continued FATF Scrutiny Likely, Warns Ingraham
18/12/2002 Dan Mitchell Warns Of Hedge Fund Threat In Bermuda
18/12/2002 SFO Raids London And Jersey Premises
18/12/2002 ECJ Ruling Upsets Thin Capitalisation Rules
18/12/2002 Major Questions Surround New Madeiran Tax Regime
18/12/2002 Details Emerge Of India/Mauritius Information Exchange Agreement
17/12/2002 Revenue Canada Can't Keep Up, Say Experts
17/12/2002 Dublin's IFSC Fears German Tax Changes
16/12/2002 ECJ Ruling Could Result In £1 Billion Loss For UK Government
16/12/2002 Antiguan Businesses Fight Tax Crackdown Through The Courts
16/12/2002 Costa Rican Deputies Support Interim Tax Plan
16/12/2002 E&Y Sued Over Hedge Fund Bailout
16/12/2002 India, Mauritius, sign MoU On Information Exchange
16/12/2002 WTO Partially Backs US In Steel Dispute
13/12/2002 UK Inland Revenue Chief Owns Up To Tax Haven Mistake
13/12/2002 India And Mauritius Broaden Information-Sharing Agreements
13/12/2002 Bahamas Will Simplify Onerous KYC Regulations
12/12/2002 German Assets Flee The Country Ahead Of CGT Extension
12/12/2002 Columbia To Enact Long Awaited Tax Reforms
12/12/2002 Malta Meets Resistance Over Zero VAT Proposals
12/12/2002 EU Commission Finally Approves New Madeira Free Zone Scheme
11/12/2002 Key Case Likely To Affect Royalty Taxation In Australia
11/12/2002 Hedge Funds Are Anxiously Eyeing IRS Rules On Insurance Wrappers
11/12/2002 Gulf States To Press EU On Free-Trade Area
11/12/2002 Kofi Annan Presents Revised Cyprus Solution Proposals
11/12/2002 Jersey Tax Deadline Passes
11/12/2002 Savings Tax Negotiations Continue Behind The Scenes
11/12/2002 US Indian Gaming Supports Cash-Strapped State Budgets
10/12/2002 Hungarian Multinationals Welcome EU Tax Decision
10/12/2002 Manx Customs Department Assisted In International Money Laundering Swoop
10/12/2002 Maltese Companies Used As Front For Italian Tax Evaders
10/12/2002 Anglo-Spanish Talks Stalled Since Summer, Official Reveals
10/12/2002 Hong Kong Issues Second Report On Securities Market Modernisation
09/12/2002 Greek And Turkish Cypriots Respond Officially To UN Plan
09/12/2002 Swiss Bankers Association Urges Separation Of Banking And Research
06/12/2002 CFP Testifies To IRS Against Interest-Reporting Rules
06/12/2002 India's Tax Reforms Up Against Massive Opposition
06/12/2002 Speculation Over Future Of Gibraltar's Finance Centre Continues
06/12/2002 SEC Issues Report On Regulation Of Accounting Firms
06/12/2002 No Large Tax Cuts, Says McCreevy
06/12/2002 Antigua Gets Tough On Corporate Tax Evaders
06/12/2002 Bahamian Property Tax Amendments To Increase Revenue
05/12/2002 US Banks Fined For Failure To Archive E-Mails
05/12/2002 EU Council Approves Insider Dealing Directive
05/12/2002 Chances For A Cyprus Settlement Are Fading
05/12/2002 Legal Academic Says Caribbean Jurisdictions Can Fight EU On Tax
05/12/2002 South Africa Gears Up For FATF Evaluation
05/12/2002 Microsoft Wins US Appeal On Huge Tax Deductions
05/12/2002 Largest Tax Case In UK History Gets Underway
05/12/2002 Harvard's Cancer-Research Mouse Denied Canadian Patent
04/12/2002 ECOFIN Meeting Fails To Agree Savings Tax Compromise
04/12/2002 UK's Budget Change Penalises Captive Insurers
04/12/2002 Costa Rican National Assembly Begins Consideration Of Interim Tax Plan
04/12/2002 Korean NTS Offers Tax Breaks To Lure Foreign Capital
04/12/2002 US Import Tariff Removal Plans Receive Mixed WTO Reception
04/12/2002 Indian Satellite Channels Uplinking From Hong Kong To Withhold Tax
04/12/2002 EU Banking Federation Urges Delay In Savings Tax Law
03/12/2002 EU Finance Ministers Meet Today On Savings Tax Directive
03/12/2002 US Bankers Attack IRS Deposit Interest Reporting Requirement
03/12/2002 Anglo-Spanish Gibraltar Talks Likely To Continue, Says Spanish PM
03/12/2002 France And Germany Propose Tax Harmonisation Push
02/12/2002 US States Face Budgetary Black Hole
02/12/2002 Luxembourg Will Veto EU Savings Tax Fudge
02/12/2002 Doubts Cast On Canada's Burgeoning Income Trust Sector
02/12/2002 Gib Opposition Quizzes Government On Tax Strategy
02/12/2002 BSX Amendment Act Applauded By Exchange Chief
02/12/2002 Indian Parliament Approves Anti-Laundering Bill
29/11/2002 Hong Kong's SFC Approves First Retail Hedge Funds
29/11/2002 UK Investors Welcome Overhaul Of Offshore Fund Rules
29/11/2002 Offshore Bookies Unconcerned By HK Move To Legalize Soccer Betting
29/11/2002 Gibraltar And UK Governments Respond Cautiously To EC Demands
29/11/2002 Denktash Finally Responds To UN's Cyprus Plans


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