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Search Results for International Law in 1999.

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19/12/1999 Jersey Stakes Its Claim at British-Irish Council Meeting
19/12/1999 DIRT Report Recommends Banks Pay Up
19/12/1999 Caribbean Bankers Upset by OECD 'Blacklist'
19/12/1999 Australia To Review Internet Gambling
12/12/1999 White House Backs Internet Access Tax Ban, Calls for Simple E-Commerce Sales Tax
12/12/1999 US Retail Group Pushes for Internet Taxes
12/12/1999 UK Government Announces Gambling Law Review
12/12/1999 Positive Guernsey Progress Report on Edwards Review
12/12/1999 OECD Adopts E-Commerce Consumer Protection Guidelines
12/12/1999 European Union Approves New E-commerce Directive
12/12/1999 EU Pends Withholding Tax Plan as UK Stands Firm
12/12/1999 Bermuda Monetary Authority to Get Expanded Role
05/12/1999 WTO Ministers Extend Internet Tax Ban For 2 Years
05/12/1999 New Tax Treaty and Tribunal for Cyprus
05/12/1999 Michigan 'Remote Sales Tax' Plan Will be Unenforceable
05/12/1999 Gore Backs Internet Self-Regulation
05/12/1999 EU Announces New Electronic Signature Directive
05/12/1999 Cyprus Government Introduces Mutual Funds
28/11/1999 US Hi-Tech Industry Dislikes Encryption Proposals
28/11/1999 US Bankers Fear Congress Money-Laundering Laws
28/11/1999 Microsoft Urges Duty-Free Cyberspace On WTO
28/11/1999 Guernsey Waits Confidently for OECD Blacklist
22/11/1999 UK Finally Introduces E-Commerce Bill
22/11/1999 U.S. Senate Passes Electronic Signatures Bill
22/11/1999 RTE Uncovers Liechtenstein Tax Evasion Scheme
22/11/1999 Irish Employers Say Directive Will Hurt Foreign Investment
22/11/1999 Internet Privacy Showdown Expected In Congress
15/11/1999 UK Betting Industry Disappointed, Wants Cut in Betting Duty
15/11/1999 Lamont Tells Jersey: Keep Independence Threat In Reserve
15/11/1999 ECB Muscles in on E-Commerce Debate
15/11/1999 Clash Likely Over Isle of Man Political Reform
15/11/1999 Central Bank Warns On Unauthorised Intermediaries
15/11/1999 Caribbean Reports Ukrainian Money Laundering
08/11/1999 New Zealand Supports OECD E-commerce Tax Plan
08/11/1999 Guernsey FSC Publishes Guidance Notes on Money Laundering Prevention
08/11/1999 Electronic Signature Standards Battle Looms in US
08/11/1999 Dominican Internet 'Stock Exchange' Casino Controversy
08/11/1999 Bank of Bermuda Denies Link to Internet Gambling
31/10/1999 US House of Representatives to WTO: No Net Taxes!
31/10/1999 US Appeals WTO Ruling On Overseas Sales Corporations
31/10/1999 UK Treasury Fights Back On Fleeing Betting Tax Revenue
31/10/1999 OECD Readies Sanctions Against Errant OIFCs
24/10/1999 Segregated Cell Captives To Boost Bermuda Insurance
24/10/1999 IOM Seeks Irish Advice on E-commerce Security
24/10/1999 IOM Chief Angry At UK Reports of Threats to Tax Status
24/10/1999 EU to Step Up Fight Against Money Laundering
24/10/1999 Britain and Colonies Discuss Tax Future
21/10/1999 OECD Proposes New Web Server Tax Rules
20/10/1999 UK Opens Door to Slash Bermuda MPs
14/10/1999 UK gives Gibraltar Deadline for EU Directives
12/10/1999 Caribbean Hideaways Promote Financial Safe Havens But Arouse Suspicions
07/10/1999 OECD Conference in Ottawa On E-commerce
04/10/1999 Ansbacher Names Begin To Appear In Press Reports
02/10/1999 Financial Stability Forum to Investigate IOFCs
01/10/1999 Sark Ready To Leap Into 21st Century
01/10/1999 Russian Offshore Banks Set For Disposal?
01/10/1999 John Moscow, Jersey's Nemesis, Praises Cooperativeness
01/10/1999 Cayman Vets CSX Brokers Rule-Book
01/10/1999 Aeroflot Refuses Co-operation With Swiss Probe
27/09/1999 EOCnet Offers Virtual Bermuda Companies
25/09/1999 UK To Review Bermuda and Caribbean IOFCs
25/09/1999 Jersey States Prefer Grey Power to Immigrants
19/09/1999 US E-Commerce Tax Panel Still Unanimously Split
19/09/1999 Paris Forum Plans Standards for Offshore Centres
19/09/1999 BNY Russian Offshore Scandal Rumbles On
19/09/1999 Bank of Butterfield Tries to Protect Against Hostile Takeover
11/09/1999 UK Continues Lone EU Withholding Tax Defence
10/09/1999 Guernsey President Mulls 5-Year Housing Problem
05/09/1999 BVI Residents Fear British Pressure on Offshore
04/09/1999 US National Tax Association E-Commerce Tax Report
30/08/1999 US Treasury Acts Against Money Laundering
27/08/1999 Barbados Minister Launches Lobby Against OECD Black-List
20/08/1999 UPS Case Not Affecting Captives
20/08/1999 New Act Allows Bank of Bermuda to List Abroad
20/08/1999 Jersey Mulls Residential Contracts for Migrant Workers
18/08/1999 OECD Warns Swiss About Tax Evasion
11/08/1999 Senate Passes Three Tax Evasion Bills
30/07/1999 New Minister for UK Dependent Territories?
30/07/1999 IOM Bids for Global E-Commerce Role
14/07/1999 EU Commission Plans Legal Threat to E-Commerce
12/07/1999 Cayman Stock Exchange Admitted by London Stock Exchange
29/06/1999 New LLC Rules Allow Corporate Lloyds Vehicles
23/06/1999 UK Government Confirms Guernsey Fiscal Independence
16/06/1999 New Manx Association of Corporate Service Providers
07/05/1999 British Inland Revenue Can See Confidential Correspondence
01/05/1999 New Maltese Tax Treaties with Denmark and Croatia
01/05/1999 Luxembourg-United States Tax Treaty Ratified
01/05/1999 Loophole Closed in UK CFC Anti-Avoidance Rules
01/05/1999 Hungary Relaxes Offshore Company Legislation
01/05/1999 Compliance Conference Reflects Rapid Pace of Regulatory Change
06/04/1999 US Warns Banks And Investors On Antigua
23/03/1999 Massachusetts Court Ruling
23/03/1999 FDIC 'Know-Your-Customer' Rules To Be Dropped?
17/03/1999 British Government Sets Out Reforms For Its Offshore Islands
01/03/1999 Canadian Federal Budget
16/02/1999 The Mounties Raid Turks and Caicos Islands
10/02/1999 Cayman/Brazil Banking Agreement Signed
01/02/1999 US Commerce Dept. E-Commerce Press Release
26/01/1999 UK Minister Praises Cayman Islands
01/01/1999 Caymans Finally Remove Fiscal Exemption Clause


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