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Search Results for E-Commerce in 2012.

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26/12/2012 France Advances On Internet Tax Plans
20/12/2012 EU Online Dispute Resolution Rules Move A Step Closer
17/12/2012 Amazon Reaches Sales Tax Deal With Massachusetts
14/12/2012 US Bill To Modernize US Customs, Boost Duty Enforcement
10/12/2012 UK Legislates For Remote Gambling Overhaul
10/12/2012 Dunne Explains NZ’s Tax Approach To Multinationals
03/12/2012 Data Security Paramount In Channel Islands' Asia Push
30/11/2012 Google UK Boss Hits Back At Politicians Over UK Tax Bill
30/11/2012 EU Urged To Challenge Greek Gambling Legislation
28/11/2012 Main Street Retailers Push For US Online Sales Tax
08/11/2012 Germany, UK Seek 'Strengthened' International Tax Standards
23/10/2012 Google Strikes Back In French Internet Tax Battle
22/10/2012 France's Hadopi Law Defended
18/10/2012 EU Regulators Tell Google To Revise Its Privacy Policy
16/10/2012 Parliament Backs EU Sales Contract Law
07/09/2012 Channel Islands Engage Ireland On EU Agenda
16/08/2012 FTC Hands Google Record Fine For Privacy Re-Offence
07/08/2012 US To Resist Greater International Internet Regulation
02/08/2012 Antigua Approaches WTO's Lamy In Push For 'Justice'
01/08/2012 Committee To Review Taxation Of Indian IT Sector
27/07/2012 US Congress Discusses Online Sales Taxes
26/07/2012 EU Consults On Net Neutrality
17/07/2012 Visa, Mastercard In USD7.25bn Anti-Trust Settlement
12/07/2012 Jersey Targets Digital Industry Growth
11/07/2012 France, Luxembourg Challenged On Digital Book Tax Break
09/07/2012 European Parliament Rejects ACTA
06/07/2012 ECJ Restricts Software Distribution Copyright
26/06/2012 EU, US Make Joint Statement On Data Protection
25/06/2012 European Parliamentary Committees Say No To ACTA
22/06/2012 OMI Gaming Welcomed To Alderney
18/06/2012 ICANN Reveals New Top-Level Domain Name Applications
07/06/2012 HMRC Issues Final E-Seller Amnesty Reminder
04/06/2012 EU Proposes Action On 'Net Neutrality'
28/05/2012 Spain Moves Tax Goalposts For E-Gaming Firms
16/05/2012 Lamy Sings Praises Of IT Agreement
15/05/2012 IoM E-Gaming Sector Recognised
14/05/2012 MEPs Agree Deal On Mobile Roaming Price Caps
14/05/2012 UK E-Seller Amnesty Deadline Looms
10/05/2012 Hearing Focusses On US Consumer Internet Privacy
09/05/2012 Luxembourg Unveils Unsatisfactory Q1 Tax Revenues
25/04/2012 Malta Signs Gambling Oversight Agreements
18/04/2012 Antigua Issues Plea To US On E-Gaming
13/04/2012 EU Consults On Rules For Wirelessly Connected Devices
06/04/2012 World Economic Forum Issues Global ICT Report
06/04/2012 EU Agrees ECJ Submission On ACTA
06/04/2012 Channel Islands Will Not Appeal UK VAT Ruling
04/04/2012 Jersey Targets Digital Industries With New Agency
29/03/2012 China To Quadruple E-Commerce Sales By End-2015
30/03/2012 Report Dissects Alderney's Role In Full Tilt Poker Case
27/03/2012 FTC Issues Final Report On US Data Privacy
27/03/2012 UK Confirms Gambling Tax Changes
22/03/2012 US, EU Issue Joint Statement On Data Privacy
19/03/2012 UK Launches E-Sellers Tax Amnesty
15/03/2012 Ireland To Extend Betting Tax To Online Bookies
16/03/2012 Sarkozy Relaunches Debate On 'Google Tax'
12/03/2012 EU Data Protection Rules Still Not Comprehensive, Says Watchdog
12/03/2012 WIPO Prepares for Launch of New gTLDs
07/03/2012 BT, Talk Talk Lose UK File-Sharing Appeal
05/03/2012 Google's New Privacy Policy Raises EU Concerns
01/03/2012 MEPs Receive Public Petition Against ACTA
28/02/2012 Obama Unveils Internet 'Bill of Rights'
24/02/2012 EU Refers ACTA To European Court
22/02/2012 Belgium Tax Man Targets Internet Sales Sites
22/02/2012 Consultation Launched Into European Company Law
21/02/2012 General Internet Filtering Not Allowable Under EU Law
14/02/2012 Germany Stalls On ACTA
13/02/2012 UK Outlines 2012 Tax Enforcement Plans
09/02/2012 Jersey's Investment Strategy Paying Dividends
01/02/2012 Groundbreaking Maritime Internet Solution Launched
01/02/2012 European Parliament's ACTA Negotiator Resigns In Protest
31/01/2012 US, Japan Make Progress On Trade Issues
30/01/2012 EU Proposes Comprehensive Data Protection Reforms
26/01/2012 European Commission Prepares New IP Directive
25/01/2012 US Anti-Piracy Bills Delayed
20/01/2012 Protests Grow Against US Anti-Piracy Bills
18/01/2012 EU Issues E-Commerce Action Plan
17/01/2012 ICANN Begins Domain Names Shake-Up
10/01/2012 Indiana Reaches Sales Tax Agreement With Amazon


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