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Search Results for E-Commerce in 2009.

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29/12/2009 Google Pays Modest Tax On UK income, Reports Claim
23/12/2009 S Korea Sees Illegal Online Betting Surge
22/12/2009 Ladbrokes: EU Advocate General E-Gaming Opinion Unfavorable
18/12/2009 OECD Publishes 2009 Comparative Science, Tech and Industry Scoreboard
18/12/2009 Intrastate Online Gambling Gets Hearing In California
11/12/2009 Forex Provider OANDA Establishes Dubai Office
10/12/2009 Wired Safety Study: Online Gambling Prohibition Does Not Work
08/12/2009 Belgium Ignores EC Warning On Its Online Gambling Law
07/12/2009 Polish Online Gambling Prohibitions Will Affect Sponsorship
03/12/2009 IOM Bolstered By Shipping And Aircraft Registries' Success
02/12/2009 Belgium Introduces Tax On Private Use Of Business Mobiles
01/12/2009 Florida Considers Options For Regulating Online Betting
25/11/2009 IRS Issues Proposed Regulations On Card Transaction Reporting
23/11/2009 Research Institute Slams Amazon's Moves Against US Sales Tax
18/11/2009 Jersey's FSC Considers EU Approach To E-Money Regulation
16/11/2009 ePrivacy Directive Set For Adoption
05/11/2009 IRS Records Further Growth In E-Filing
04/11/2009 US Online Gambling Bills Could Raise USD41bn In Revenue
04/11/2009 UK Broadband Tax Will Backfire, Says Phone Company
04/11/2009 First Non-Latin Domain Names Imminent
02/11/2009 Australia And Cook Islands Sign Tax Information Agreement
28/10/2009 Alderney's New Gaming Regime Approved
27/10/2009 EU Seeks To Improve Cross-Border Internet Shopping
26/10/2009 EC Reflects On How To Achieve Digital Single Market
26/10/2009 Australia Consults On On-line Gambling Reform
22/10/2009 Schleswig-Holstein Contests German Online Gambling Ban
21/10/2009 Tories Will Reverse UK Broadband Tax
14/10/2009 France Approves Restrictions In Draft Online Gambling Law
12/10/2009 Online Gaming: Danish Legislation Needs Amending
12/10/2009 French Debate Internet Gaming Regulation
08/10/2009 HMRC To Scrutinize Telcos' Place Of Supply Arrangements
07/10/2009 Internet Governance Goes Global
05/10/2009 Netplay Invests In TV Studios in Guernsey
02/10/2009 New Zealand To Reform TSO Levy To Fund Rural Broadband
02/10/2009 eBay Canada Forced To Disclose More Sellers' Records To Tax Man
29/09/2009 Airlines Aim To Cut Credit Card Fraud Costs
28/09/2009 ECJ Sides With Google In Trademark Infringement Case
25/09/2009 HMRC Outlines VAT Position On Insurance Introductory Services
22/09/2009 Skype's Former Owners Sue eBay
11/09/2009 ECJ Upholds Portuguese Gambling Monopoly
08/09/2009 Manx Telecom Obtains Disaster Recovery License From E-Gaming Regulators
03/09/2009 Wireless Group Urges IRS To Drop Cell Phone Tax Rules
03/09/2009 HMRC And Companies House Announce Common Filing Format
31/08/2009 ATO Warns Of Danger To Tax Security From Cyber Crime
27/08/2009 UK Could Unplug Persistent Internet Pirates
26/08/2009 Business As Usual For FAC Despite Hurricane Bill
24/08/2009 Alderney Gaming Commission Proposes Policy Overhaul
24/08/2009 OTS Suspends Decision On USD100m Citadel-E*Trade Deal
18/08/2009 BetOnSports Founder Pleads Guilty In US
18/08/2009 Minister Casts Doubt On UK Broadband Tax
14/08/2009 Tax Proposals Raise Stakes In Costa Rican Gambling Sector
10/08/2009 DIFC Enacts Payment Settlement System Law
11/08/2009 UK Gaming Company Exodus Begins
10/08/2009 iPhone Apps Inventors Urged To Protect Their IP
07/08/2009 EC Focuses On E-Commerce
05/08/2009 CRA Warns Canadian eBay Sellers To Declare
03/08/2009 UK Gambling Industry Being Forced Offshore
30/07/2009 EU Looks At E-Commerce Distribution Law
30/07/2009 French Poker Operators Relieved Over Revised Tax Proposals
28/07/2009 IT Industry Joins Coalition Opposing Obama's International Tax Reforms
27/07/2009 Online Travel Companies Contest Hotel Room Taxes
24/07/2009 French Online Gambling Proposals Proceeding Against European Opposition
23/07/2009 E-Commerce Solutions Continue To Flourish In Caribbean
21/07/2009 Swedish Tax Agency Seeks To Claw Back Tax From E-Commerce
21/07/2009 International Publishers Demand New IP Rights For Online Content
16/07/2009 Gibraltar's Gambling Regulator Wins Prestigious Award
16/07/2009 Levy Board Seeks To Stop Online Betting Going Offshore
14/07/2009 eBay Announces Europe-wide Campaign To Outlaw Online Trade Restraints
13/07/2009 Principles On Collection And Use Of Behavioural Advertising Data Are Released
09/07/2009 Croatian FM Tables Gambling Tax Proposals
10/07/2009 Amazon Collared For Japanese Back Taxes
08/07/2009 Alderney Unveils New Online Gambling Licensing Framework
07/07/2009 Belgian E-Gaming Draft Legislation Is Rejected By European Commission
07/07/2009 Overstock And Blue Nile Drop Affiliates to Protest Taxes
07/07/2009 Goldman Sachs Expects Online Gambling To Be Legalized
24/07/2009 Effect On VAT, Pensions And Gaming of Italy's Approval Of Inter-EU Law
03/07/2009 New Pirate Bay Owners To Distribute Legal Content
02/07/2009 New Jersey Tries To Legalize Online Sportsbetting
01/07/2009 Amazon May Lose Californian Affiliates Over Sales Tax
01/07/2009 IRS Electronic Advisory Committee Delivers Report To Congress
30/06/2009 Netherlands May Support 'Old Media' With Internet Tax
26/06/2009 SOHO House Pays Up For Alleged Software Piracy
25/06/2009 US Supreme Court Rejects State Tax Challenge
22/06/2009 Commission Calls For Cohesive Internet Governance
19/06/2009 IRS Asks Congress To Drop Cellphone Tax
18/06/2009 Digital Britain Report Unveils New Internet Piracy Measures
12/06/2009 Court Puts Brakes On France's New Anti-Piracy Law
12/06/2009 European Commission Publishes Report On US Internet Gambling Laws
12/06/2009 French Flunk EU E-Gaming Test
10/06/2009 E-gaming In Malta Is A Winner
09/06/2009 Pirate Party Wins European Parliament Seat
05/06/2009 FAC Collaborates To Tackle Credit Card Fraud In Latin America
03/06/2009 Citibank Launches E-filing Service In Malaysia
03/06/2009 Software Industry Welcomes Obama Cyber Security Strategy
29/05/2009 UK Music Licensing Fees Slashed
28/05/2009 Ebay Not Guilty In L'Oréal Fake Goods Row
26/05/2009 E-Commerce Tax - California May Follow New York With Sales Tax Provisions
21/05/2009 Anti-Piracy Caucus Unveils '2009 International Piracy Watch List'
20/05/2009 NASSCOM Offer Tax Pointers To New Indian Government
19/05/2009 Legalised US Online Gambling - Who Would Bet On It?


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