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Search Results for E-Commerce in 2007.

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01/01/2008 The Tote Moves To Alderney
28/12/2007 WTO Gives US$21m Compensation To Antigua
21/12/2007 Hong Kong Launches Anti-Spam Laws
21/12/2007 Antigua In The Cold After EU/US Gaming Deal
20/12/2007 More Expats Than Ever Using Online Banking, Say Alliance And Leicester
13/12/2007 EC Welcomes Planned Pan-European Electronic Customs System
13/12/2007 EU Approves French Tax Breaks For Computer Game Developers
10/12/2007 E-Business Consortium Launches In Malta
10/12/2007 HKMA Launches Electronic Trading Platform
10/12/2007 Amazon Gift Ordering Patent Revoked By EPO
10/12/2007 American E-tailers Vow To Fight SSTP
05/12/2007 ATO To Review Taxpayer Data Security
05/12/2007 Ecofin Reaches Landmark VAT Agreement
04/12/2007 Internet Key To Expatriate Life, Shows Study
27/11/2007 Belize Government Signs Agreement For New ICT Operations
27/11/2007 HMRC Issues Business Advice Via Podcasts
27/11/2007 IFPI Welcomes French MoU On Internet Piracy
23/11/2007 Block Loses US$1bn, Sacks Bosses
22/11/2007 IoM Government Orders Data Security Review
21/11/2007 US Lawmakers Urge Administration To Pull Back From Brink On Internet Gambling Dispute
19/11/2007 UK Firms Fail To Take Advantage Of Green Tax Breaks
19/11/2007 Another Fine VAT Imbroglio On The Way
16/11/2007 Hong Kong Government Proposes Regional Data Centre
16/11/2007 Luxembourg Stalling EU VAT Agreement
13/11/2007 DIFC To Acquire Smartstream Technolgies
12/11/2007 Some Progress On US/EU Gaming Spat
08/11/2007 IRS Hails Record E-File Figures
07/11/2007 Barbados Government Committed To ICT Development
06/11/2007 Switzerland And Ireland High In OECD Broadband Rankings
31/10/2007 US Congress Extends Internet Tax Moratorium
26/10/2007 CRA Warns That Income Earned Online Is All Taxable
29/10/2007 US Senate Votes For 7 Year Internet Tax Moratorium
26/10/2007 Monaco Improving Internet Communications
26/10/2007 Mauritius Cabinet Approves National ICT Strategy
25/10/2007 Triesman Mulls Anti-File Sharing Legislation
23/10/2007 Microsoft To Comply Fully With EU Antitrust Ruling
18/10/2007 Pension Schemes Must E-File This Week
18/10/2007 US Government Repeats Call For Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes
16/10/2007 Digicel Rolls Out New Broadband Service In Cayman Islands
12/10/2007 New Asian TLD Opens For Business
15/10/2007 House Panel Approves 4-Year US Internet Tax Moratorium Extension
11/10/2007 Jersey Telecom Sale Proposition Report Lodged
10/10/2007 IOM Bank Increases Rates On E-Account
02/10/2007 Cook Islands Examines Merits Of South Pacific Information Superhighway
02/10/2007 US Treasury Proposes To Implement US Internet Gambling Ban
01/10/2007 Move To Extend Ban On US Internet Access Tax Stumbles In Senate
28/09/2007 Paulson and Gutierrez Back Push For Permanent Internet Tax Ban
25/09/2007 Legal Actions Knock Out Illegal File-Sharing Servers Across Europe
26/09/2007 Antigua Likely To Spurn US Gaming Compensation Offer
25/09/2007 US Retailers Urge Congressional Action On Internet sales Taxes
24/09/2007 US Senators Push For Permanent Internet Tax Ban
18/09/2007 Irish Revenue Proposes Mandatory E-Filing
18/09/2007 ECJ Backs Commission On Microsoft
14/09/2007 IoM Simplifies Filing For Corporate Taxpayers
12/09/2007 SmartCity Malta Plan Unveiled
12/09/2007 Study Shows Growing Expat Community
10/09/2007 EU Plans Harmonized E-Invoicing
07/09/2007 IFPI Welcomes Swedish Report On Copyright Responsibility Of ISPs
05/09/2007 Microsoft And Eolas Settle Long-Running Patent Dispute
04/09/2007 HMRC Podcasts Go Live
04/09/2007 Isle Of Man Appoints New Gambling Commission Members
31/08/2007 Internet Giants Face Action Over E-Mail Patent
31/08/2007 FSB Urges HMRC To Make PAYE Incentive Payments On Time
03/09/2007 New UK Gambling Laws Come Into Force
30/08/2007 HKMA Chief Discusses E-Money Development
30/08/2007 Belize Warns Of Unlicenced Online Gaming Operators
30/08/2007 IRS Warns Of New Email Scam
27/08/2007 Cook Islands To Host Pacific Internet Conference
28/08/2007 ATO E-Tax Service Reaches 1 Million Milestone
27/08/2007 Isle Of Man Launches Online Tax Service For Individuals
24/08/2007 US Corporate E-Filing On The Rise
24/08/2007 Malta E-Gaming Applications Surge On UK Clampdown
23/08/2007 ICT Playing Greater Role In Mauritius Economy
22/08/2007 Barbados Publishes VoIP Policy
22/08/2007 Investment Software House Opens Up In Hong Kong
20/08/2007 Cayman Finance Industry Prepared For Hurricane Dean
17/08/2007 Malta Communications Authority Grants 3G Rights
15/08/2007 UK E-Gaming White List Good For Gibraltar
15/08/2007 UK To Introduce Remote Gaming Duty In September
15/08/2007 ICANN Consults On New TLDs
14/08/2007 Antigua And Barbuda Hoping To Make UK E-Gaming White List
13/08/2007 One Thousand Offshore Gambling Websites Face UK Marketing Ban
10/08/2007 Isle Of Man Placed On UK E-Gaming White List
09/08/2007 SARS Announces Individual eFiling Delay
07/08/2007 Baucus Concerned At IRS Computer Security Lapses
07/08/2007 IBM And Time Warner To Cross-Licence Patents
07/08/2007 DIFX Signs Data Distribution Agreement
06/08/2007 Compulsory E-Filing Coming For UK Pension Administrators
02/08/2007 Google Will Develop Content Filtering Software This Year
01/08/2007 Facebook Likely To See Off IP Challenge
31/07/2007 Hong Kong Achieves Status Of 'Knowledge Economy'
27/07/2007 WTO To Rule On Antigua And Barbuda's Compensation Claim Against US
26/07/2007 CADNA Announces New Anti-Cyber Squatting Campaign
26/07/2007 IRS Slammed For Shutting Down Telefile
24/07/2007 Digicel Sues Cable And Wireless For Damages
24/07/2007 ECJ Advocate-General Rules On Disclosure Of File Sharers' Identities
19/07/2007 IRS Slammed For Delays To New Taxpayer Database
18/07/2007 Neteller Founder Pleads Guilty To Promoting Illegal Gambling
11/07/2007 Belgian Anti-Piracy Ruling Has Implications For European ISPs
06/07/2007 Cameron Supports Extension Of Copyright Term For Sound Recordings


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