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Search Results for E-Commerce in 2002.

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31/12/2002 Bahamian Insurance Company Introduces Extranet
30/12/2002 Madeira Waits For The 'Devil In The Details' Of New Aid Scheme
30/12/2002 IRS Not Ready To Announce Free E-Filing Criteria
26/12/2002 PCCW Continues To Improve Balance Sheet
25/12/2002 Internet Travel Intermediary Attacked Over Tax Practices
24/12/2002 Hong Kong Listed Companies Still To Publish Paid Press Ads
20/12/2002 SWX To Take Over Virt-X Electronic Exchange
19/12/2002 States Will Begin To Ratify SSTP In The New Year
19/12/2002 Brave Experiment To Offer Irish Companies Outsourced E-Working
17/12/2002 Hong Kong Banks Encourage On-Line Business Services
16/12/2002 Offshore Banks In Guernsey Instal IDOM Software Package
13/12/2002 Hang Seng Bank To Offer On-Line Banking In China
12/12/2002 Surveys Predict Massive Outflow Of US IT Jobs
11/12/2002 Cable & Wireless Facing Unexpected £1.5 Billion Tax Bill
10/12/2002 Mauritius Offers Tax Breaks To Attract Indian Software Firms
09/12/2002 Consolidation Beckons In Hong Kong's Electronic Trade Management
05/12/2002 US Banks Fined For Failure To Archive E-Mails
05/12/2002 Microsoft Wins US Appeal On Huge Tax Deductions
03/12/2002 PCCW Continues To Cut Back, But Market Unimpressed
29/11/2002 Bermudian Government To Extend E-Filing Next Year
28/11/2002 Offshore Internet Casinos Losing Allies
26/11/2002 Oceanic And DPM Launch New Joint Venture
26/11/2002 Panama Passes Internet Gaming Legislation
22/11/2002 Initiative Europe Launches Institutional Hedge Fund Guide
22/11/2002 New Zealand Government Task Force Calls For ICT Tax Incentives
22/11/2002 Bank Of Valletta Launches High-Tech Banking Services
21/11/2002 Bahamas Minister Describes Government's E-Commerce Plans
21/11/2002 Taxware Announces Integration Of Sales Tax Product With Supply Chain System
19/11/2002 Hong Kong Plans Integrated Multi-Modal Digital Trading System
18/11/2002 Alderney Authorities Refute Suggestion That E-Betting Rules Are Too Strict
15/11/2002 US High-Tech Crime Wave Spreads To Ireland
14/11/2002 SSTP Proposals Approved By 30 States
14/11/2002 Barbadian Electronic Banking Report Reveals Lack Of Enthusiasm For E-Business
13/11/2002 Tax Software Provider Announces Business Version
13/11/2002 CogentHedge Is Establishing A Free Analytical Hedge Fund Resource
11/11/2002 China Telecom's IPO Finally A Done Deal
11/11/2002 Electronic Banking Guidelines Unveiled In Barbados
07/11/2002 UK Extends Gross Profit Taxation Scheme To Betting Exchanges
07/11/2002 RACSA Plans Panama Expansion
06/11/2002 China Telecom Launches Cut-Down IPO
05/11/2002 China Telecom To Re-Launch Aborted IPO
04/11/2002 Sportingbet In Profit At Operating Level After 3 Years
04/11/2002 Jersey Considers Shifting Back Office Facilities To DIFC
01/11/2002 Offshore E-Commerce Conference On St Kitts Next Week
01/11/2002 US Treasury Signs Free E-Filing Agreement
01/11/2002 China Telecom IPO Postponed
01/11/2002 Costa Rican Casinos Brace For Slot Machine Tax
29/10/2002 Ireland To Legislate For Flat-Rate Internet Access
29/10/2002 London Firm To Open Stock-Lending Information Site
28/10/2002 New Tool Allows On-Line Analysis Of Hedge Fund Performance
28/10/2002 Bahamian Government Moves Ahead With Telecoms Privatisation
24/10/2002 The US Threatens The Development Of Offshore E-Commerce
23/10/2002 Leach Anti-Internet-Gambling Bill Unlikely To Pass Congress
21/10/2002 BondsInAsia Forges Link With HKMA's CMU
18/10/2002 Malta Formulating New Licensing Regime For Online Gambling
17/10/2002 Cable & Wireless Launches Broadband In Guernsey
17/10/2002 Costa Rica's Interim Tax Plan To Go Before Full National Assembly
15/10/2002 Leading SSTP Figure Joins Taxware
15/10/2002 Second Barbadian ISP Accuses Cable & Wireless Of Unfair Trading
15/10/2002 ICT Ireland Calls For R&D Tax Breaks
14/10/2002 Congress Told That Internet Tobacco Sellers Flaunt Illegality
14/10/2002 Costa Rican Gambling Industry Protests Planned Tax Hikes
11/10/2002 Electronic Stock Trading Systems Proliferate In The US
10/10/2002 IRS Cleared Of Anti-Trust Threat In Tax E-Filing Project
08/10/2002 Tax Is An Unavoidable Part Of International E-Commerce Solutions
08/10/2002 Book-Building Starts For China Telecom Hong Kong Issue
07/10/2002 Virt-x Rethinks Expansion Plans
04/10/2002 MGM Mirage Launches On-Line Casino
03/10/2002 US Congress Passes Anti-On-Line Gambling Bill
03/10/2002 HSBC Is Given An On-Line Banking License In China
02/10/2002 On-Line Gaming Association Adds New Program Members
02/10/2002 C&W Accused Of Abusing Telecoms Monopoly In Barbados
02/10/2002 Eurex To Launch ETF Derivatives In November
01/10/2002 Guernsey Telecoms Denies Involvement In AOL Service Reduction Move
30/09/2002 Isle Of Man E-Com Delegation Has Irish Success
30/09/2002 AOL May Lose VAT Exemption In The UK
30/09/2002 Inland Revenue Tells People Not To Use Online Filing Service
27/09/2002 Online Gambling Group Says Industry Not Vulnerable To Money Laundering
25/09/2002 US Initiative Against On-Line Gambling Has Its Limits
25/09/2002 Guernsey Telecoms Dismisses 1p Per Minute Broadband Charge Rumours
25/09/2002 Apportioning E-Commerce Income For Tax Is Tricky
24/09/2002 Tobacco Company Hits Out At Tax-Free Internet Sites
23/09/2002 Cigarette Taxes Drive Internet Tobacco Sales Boom
23/09/2002 US Consumer Groups Say Free Tax E-Filing Will Benefit Loan Sharks
23/09/2002 Tax Software Firm Benefits From UK Revenue's On-Line Travails
20/09/2002 Ireland, Switzerland, And Luxembourg Compete To Host New .eu Domain
19/09/2002 Grenada-Based Telecoms Company To Locate Operations In Barbados
19/09/2002 HedgeWorld Opens On-Line Supermarket To US Investors
18/09/2002 Tesco Reports Success For Irish On-Line Grocery Service
18/09/2002 Webb Under Pressure To Find Solution In CableVision Row
13/09/2002 IBEC Issues Warning On EU-US Trade War
11/09/2002 Vodaphone Accepts Irish 3G License
10/09/2002 Take Your Seats For Round 1 Of Cablevision V The Bermudian Government
10/09/2002 NZ Inland Revenue Launches 'E-Enablement' Plan For Small Businesses
09/09/2002 IOM Will Present E-Commerce Assets To Irish E-Businesses
09/09/2002 Intuit Tightens Up On Licensing Of Tax Preparation Products
06/09/2002 Sales Tax Software Providers Amalgamate
04/09/2002 Gib Labour Party Calls For Policy Statement On Betting Industry
03/09/2002 PCCW Expected To Report Interim Loss After CSL Disposal
30/08/2002 Citibank Extends Hedge Fund Offer To HINWIs


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