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17/08/2017 UK Firms Need Brexit Details ASAP: CIOT
17/08/2017 As Talks Start, NAFTA Border States Urge Compromise
16/08/2017 UK Trying To Avoid Customs Border With Ireland
16/08/2017 UK Issues Guidance On Preparing CbC Reports
15/08/2017 Australia's Federal Gov't Fears Trade Retaliation
15/08/2017 Hong Kong To Proceed With Lower Profits Tax Rate
14/08/2017 Netherlands Urged To Improve Company Bike Tax Rules
14/08/2017 US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports
11/08/2017 Brazil Aims To Slash Tax Compliance Burden
10/08/2017 NZ Looks To Reduce PAYE Compliance Burden
10/08/2017 Canadian Medics Urged To Oppose Recent Tax Proposal
10/08/2017 IMF Proposes Specific Tax Rules For Peer-To-Peer Economy
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
09/08/2017 UK Government Blasted Over Freelancer Tax Policy
09/08/2017 Ireland Explains Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules
09/08/2017 Aus Minister Hints At Media Tax Breaks
09/08/2017 Australia Modernizing Business Registers
09/08/2017 France And Germany Pushing For Tax Harmonization
08/08/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Seeking MAP Assistance
08/08/2017 HMRC Increases Number Of Dawn Raids
08/08/2017 South Australian Firms 'Oppose State Bank Levy'
07/08/2017 UK Directors Set Out Brexit Transition Options
07/08/2017 BEPS Toolkit Released On Offshore Indirect Transfers
07/08/2017 Irish Firms Not Prepared For Brexit
07/08/2017 US Taxpayers Call For New Obamacare Levies To Be Shelved
04/08/2017 Lithuania Looking to Preserve Lower VAT Threshold
03/08/2017 Montenegro To Overhaul Tax Administration With WB Support
03/08/2017 Creating US Territorial Tax System Complex, Tax Foundation Says
03/08/2017 Canada Announces CETA Tariff Quotas For EU Cheese
03/08/2017 Latvian Parliament Adopts Tax Reform
02/08/2017 UK Sees Corporate Tax Windfall After Brexit Decision
02/08/2017 Aus Black Economy Taskforce Outlines Policy Options
02/08/2017 Irish FinMin Considers Impact Of Brexit On Taxes
02/08/2017 Mexico Talks Trade Deals With Japan
01/08/2017 UK Will Not Become A 'Tax Haven' After Brexit: Hammond
01/08/2017 Ireland's SMEs Seeking VAT, Income Tax Cuts
01/08/2017 HMRC Launches New Support Service For UK's Small Businesses
01/08/2017 Canada, Israel Sign Customs Deal
31/07/2017 CIOT Urges Simpler Rules For Employee Expense Tax Relief
03/08/2017 UK's Disincorporation Tax Relief May Be Axed From March
03/08/2017 Small Firms Set Out Irish Budget Wish List
03/08/2017 IMF Calls For Rethink On US Tax Reform Design
03/08/2017 Belgian Budget Deal Includes Corporate Tax Cut
27/07/2017 Brexit Hitting Irish SME Confidence
27/07/2017 Dublin Chamber Calls For Tax Breaks For Share Schemes
27/07/2017 Turkey Tops New Tax Complexity Index
27/07/2017 Hong Kong Urged To Improve PE Fund Tax Exemption
26/07/2017 UK, Netherlands Biggest 'Conduits' For Offshore Investment
26/07/2017 Shorten Calls For Review Of 'Faults' In Aus Tax System
26/07/2017 Romania Drops Solidarity, Turnover Tax Proposals
25/07/2017 UK Keen To Conclude New Zealand FTA
25/07/2017 Malaysia Hints At Sector Tax Breaks In Upcoming Budget
24/07/2017 OECD Praises Luxembourg's Tax Regime
24/07/2017 Canada's Small Firms Concerned Over Tax Reforms
24/07/2017 Ibec Publishes Irish Budget Wish List
24/07/2017 NAFTA Talks To Start August 16
21/07/2017 Seychelles Expected To Announce SME Tax Cuts In Budget
21/07/2017 New Zealand Inland Revenue Delays Restructuring
21/07/2017 HMRC Releases Tax Administration 'Strategy' Document
20/07/2017 India Confirms Reverse Charge GST On Legal Services
19/07/2017 Small US Firms Seek End To BAT Proposal
19/07/2017 Canada To Close Tax Loopholes
18/07/2017 NZ Labour Would Introduce Diverted Profits Tax
18/07/2017 UK Tax Industry Lauds Making Tax Digital Decision
17/07/2017 US House Committee Discusses Small Business Tax Reform
17/07/2017 UK Government Delays Making Tax Digital
17/07/2017 IMF Urges Canada To Review Tax System
17/07/2017 Corporate Tax Rate Cut A Top Priority: Hatch
14/07/2017 Google Wins EUR1.1bn French Back Tax Case
14/07/2017 Australia To Close Super Guarantee Loophole
13/07/2017 Study Looks At US Tax Reform Revenue Gap
13/07/2017 ATO Seeks To Reassure Taxpayers Over Online Systems
13/07/2017 Irish Gov't Says Limited Funds For Tax Cuts
12/07/2017 Shanghai FTZ Trials Trade Assistance Scheme
12/07/2017 New Tax Treaties Key To Aircraft Leasing Growth In Hong Kong, Says Report
12/07/2017 Senate Health Care Bill 'A Win For Middle Class,' Says ATR
12/07/2017 Cameroon Signs BEPS Multilateral Instrument
11/07/2017 UK Firms Fear Brexit Fallout Without EU FTA
11/07/2017 Romania Considers Progressive Income Tax
11/07/2017 Hong Kong Mulls New Tax Breaks For SMEs, Innovators
11/07/2017 France To Abolish CICE Tax Credit
14/07/2017 OECD Updates Transfer Pricing Guidelines
07/07/2017 UK Should Support, Not Penalize New Digital Tax Filers: CIOT
07/07/2017 Nigeria Launches Tax Amnesty
07/07/2017 Most Irish SMEs Unconcerned About Brexit
07/07/2017 Ireland Confident On FDI Prospects
07/07/2017 EU, Japan Agree New Trade Deal
06/07/2017 Switzerland Exploring Options For Freer Trade
06/07/2017 EU Approves New Dutch Patent Box Regime
06/07/2017 ATO Says Compliance Rates High Among Larger Firms
06/07/2017 China's Recent Business Tax Cuts Worth USD147bn This Year
05/07/2017 French PM Confirms Corporate Tax Cut
05/07/2017 MEPs Back Public CbC Reporting Proposals
04/07/2017 Australia Introduces Diverted Profits Tax
04/07/2017 CEOs Seek Brexit-Proof Plan For Ireland
04/07/2017 UK Corporate Tax Regime Overhaul Sought
04/07/2017 Indian Firms Grapple With New Goods And Services Tax
30/06/2017 Switzerland, Latvia Revise Tax Treaty To Tackle BEPS
30/06/2017 Irish Tax Institute Concerned By Tax Code
29/06/2017 IMF Chimes In On US Tax Reform Plans


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