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Search Results for Business in 2016.

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29/12/2016 World Bank Releases Transfer Pricing Handbook
29/12/2016 Sweden Proposes Tax Break For Start-Ups
29/12/2016 Obama 'Rescued' US Economy With Tax Cuts
29/12/2016 Poland Withdraws 'Single Tax' Proposal
29/12/2016 Colombia Mulls Value-Added Tax Hike
28/12/2016 NZ Approves Providers Of Overseas Record-Keeping Services
28/12/2016 Cyprus, India Tax Treaty To Take Effect In 2017
28/12/2016 Malaysian Tax Administration Improvements Welcomed
28/12/2016 ATT Warns On UK's 'Sharing Economy' Tax Concession
28/12/2016 Croatia's Finances Improving Following Tax Reform
28/12/2016 SARS Guides On Contingent Liabilities In Acquisitions
28/12/2016 Wales To Be Granted Income Tax Powers
28/12/2016 Alberta To Launch New Tax Credits In January
27/12/2016 France Legislates For Single, 28 Percent CIT Rate
27/12/2016 HMRC To Take Further Action On Tax Avoidance, Evasion
27/12/2016 Australia-Germany DTA Enters Into Force
27/12/2016 US Congress Issues Final Puerto Rican Report
27/12/2016 Scotland Legislates To Replace UK Air Passenger Duty
26/12/2016 ATO To Disclose Tax Debts To Credit Agencies
26/12/2016 Lew Warns Against US Deficit-Increasing Tax Reform
26/12/2016 Mauritius Rejects 'Tax Haven' Label
26/12/2016 Morrison Pushing For Australian Company Tax Cuts
21/12/2016 Hungarian Parliament Approves Tax Cut Package
21/12/2016 Canada Ratifies WTO Agreement On Trade Facilitation
21/12/2016 ICC Lauds French Ruling Outlawing Public CbC Reporting
21/12/2016 EU Seeks Feedback On VAT Systems For SMEs
20/12/2016 European Commission Publishes Final Decision In Apple Case
20/12/2016 European Firms Said To Face Too Complex Tax Compliance Burden: Survey
20/12/2016 Report Calls For Competitive Zambian Mining Tax Regime
19/12/2016 ATO Moves To Reassure Taxpayers After Online Outage
19/12/2016 Indian Equalization Levy Implementation Successful
19/12/2016 IRS Issues Guidance For Energy Tax Credit Claimants
16/12/2016 China Starts WTO 'Market Economy' Dispute Against US, EU
16/12/2016 ATO Issues Guidance On Backpacker Tax
16/12/2016 UK Government Launches Apprenticeship Levy Consultation
16/12/2016 UK's Largest Taxpayers' Contribution Grew In 2016
15/12/2016 ATO To Collect Data On Ride-Sharing Services
15/12/2016 Tax Risk Increasing For Firms With Employees Working Abroad
15/12/2016 ATO Publishes Corporate Transparency Report
15/12/2016 EU, Canada Working On Improving Dispute Resolution Under FTAs
14/12/2016 US Supreme Court Rejects Online Sales Tax Case
14/12/2016 Turnbull Shoots Down Australian Carbon Tax Suggestion
14/12/2016 IMF 'Sees Merit' In Belgian Corporate Tax Cut
14/12/2016 New Zealand Seeks Input On Tax Administration Reform
14/12/2016 UK Consults On Draft Finance Bill 2017
14/12/2016 Irish Revenue Launches Tax Mobile App
13/12/2016 Taiwan's Parliament Approves VAT On Online Retailers
13/12/2016 Seychelles Planning Significant Tax Changes In 2017
13/12/2016 Morrison: Don't Wait For Recession To Cut Aus Company Tax
13/12/2016 Australia Launches Pre-Budget Consultations
13/12/2016 UK Publishes Draft Guidance On Hybrid Mismatch Regime
12/12/2016 US Congress Receives Value-Added Tax Proposal
12/12/2016 Japan Unveils 2017 Tax Breaks
12/12/2016 BRICS Nations Affirm Support For BEPS Project
12/12/2016 Australian Firms Failing To Pay Super Contributions
09/12/2016 Italian 2017 Budget Receives Parliamentary Approval
08/12/2016 UK Lawmakers Seek Reassurances From HMRC
08/12/2016 China Offers Corporate Debt Restructuring Incentives
08/12/2016 Australia Pushing For Indonesian FTA In 2017
07/12/2016 US Congress Urged Not To Pass Online Sales Tax Bill
07/12/2016 UK Digital Tax Reporting Concessions Sought
07/12/2016 China's VAT Rates To Be 'Streamlined'
06/12/2016 South African Tax Burden Nearing Pre-Financial Crisis Level
05/12/2016 Philippines Signs Off Value-Added Tax Break For PWDs
02/12/2016 EU Announces Massive Overhaul To EU Digital VAT Rules
02/12/2016 Transfer Pricing Behind Jump In UK Tax In Dispute
01/12/2016 UK Small Businesses Biggest Losers From Mini Budget
01/12/2016 EU Claims WTO Victory In Boeing Tax Break Case
30/11/2016 India Signs 4 New Unilateral APAs
30/11/2016 US Business Urges Trump To Slash Corporate Tax Rate
29/11/2016 UK Releases Preliminary VAT Gap Statistics
29/11/2016 Report: Canada Must Improve Tax Competitiveness
29/11/2016 OECD Recommends Cuts To Irish USC
29/11/2016 Australia To Legislate For Diverted Profits Tax
28/11/2016 Ukraine Formally Commits To BEPS Minimum Standards
28/11/2016 UK To Reduce VAT Flat Rate Scheme Benefits
28/11/2016 Italian FM: 'Much More To Be Done' Against Tax Evasion
28/11/2016 No Extension To Imminent Pakistan Filing Deadline
28/11/2016 Aus Employers Call For Certainty On Backpacker Tax
28/11/2016 Switzerland May Start CbC Exchanges From 2020
25/11/2016 AICPA Outlines Its Tax Reform Priorities
25/11/2016 French President Hopeful Fillon Pledges Tax Cuts
25/11/2016 Noonan Confident On Irish Tax Offering
25/11/2016 Tax Inspectors Without Borders Boosting Revenues For Developing States
25/11/2016 Morrison Urges Australian Lawmakers To Drop 15 Percent Backpacker Tax
25/11/2016 EU Member States Back Single Market For Services
25/11/2016 Countries Agree Multilateral Deal To Amend All Tax Treaties
24/11/2016 Seychelles Issues Final Ruling On Expenses Deduction
23/11/2016 China Opens International Tax Service Hotline
23/11/2016 IRS Defers Obamacare Reporting Deadlines
22/11/2016 Grant Thornton Hails UK Tribunal's Ruling In VAT Group Case
22/11/2016 Ireland 'Most Effective Place In EU To Pay Business Taxes'
22/11/2016 New Zealand To Seek More Tax Transparency From MNEs
22/11/2016 Firms Slow To Adapt To New Transfer Pricing Challenges: Survey
17/11/2016 New Zealand Committed To BEPS Action, Says Woodhouse
17/11/2016 Tax Evasion In Greece Remains High
21/11/2016 Social Security Exemption For New Jobs In S. Italy
18/11/2016 Zambian 2017 Budget Targets Fiscal Consolidation
18/11/2016 Ukraine's New Customs System 'Operating Smoothly'
18/11/2016 Aus Gov't Calls On Labor To Support Backpacker Tax


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