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30/12/2014 Philippines Expands De Minimis Tax Benefits List
30/12/2014 Vietnam To Tax Uber's Internet Taxi Service
30/12/2014 Nigeria Seeking Broader Indirect Tax Base
30/12/2014 Kenya Publishes Capital Gains Tax Guide
30/12/2014 Taiwan's Luxury Tax Extended To Industrial Land
30/12/2014 Tax Increases And Stimulus In South Korean Package
30/12/2014 Report Points Out Differing US Tax Rates On Capital
29/12/2014 HMRC Welcomes Online Services Uptake
29/12/2014 Businesses Urge Greater Clarity On BEPS
29/12/2014 US Congress Warns On India's Trade Policies
26/12/2014 Independent Businesses Criticize 'New HMRC Red Tape'
26/12/2014 UK Farmers Call For Tax Reform
26/12/2014 Italy Approves 2015 Budget
26/12/2014 OECD Consults On Interest Deductions, Financial Payments
25/12/2014 Mexico, US Sign Sugar Trade Agreements
24/12/2014 Canadian Budget Legislation Receives Royal Assent
24/12/2014 Indonesia Bans Travel By Major Tax Debtors
23/12/2014 Industry Calls For UK Oil And Gas Reforms To Be Accelerated
24/12/2014 India, Japan Conclude First Bilateral APA
24/12/2014 Updated Irish Revenue Guidance On Digital Tax Changes
24/12/2014 OECD Invites Comments On Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
22/12/2014 Australia Preparing For 2015 Budget
23/12/2014 Internet Tax Out Of The Question Despite US Reforms
23/12/2014 TTIP Deal 'Undoubtedly Beneficial' For EU, Says UK
22/12/2014 German Court Orders Inheritance Tax Overhaul
22/12/2014 Hong Kong Reviews Property Tax Measures
19/12/2014 Nigerian 2015 Budget Replaces Lost Oil Revenues
22/12/2014 US Wind Tax Credit Extension Gives 'Brief Opportunity'
19/12/2014 US Confirms Duties On Chinese Solar Product Imports
19/12/2014 Hatch Outlines His Comprehensive Tax Reform Principles
18/12/2014 World Bank Head Pushes Carbon Tax Policies
18/12/2014 Luxembourg To Be Compensated For EU VAT Change
19/12/2014 UK Diverted Profits Tax 'Interesting' But Renegade: OECD
18/12/2014 Apple App Store Impacted By EU VAT Change
19/12/2014 Commission To Probe All EU Advance Tax Rulings
18/12/2014 Japan Finalizes Plans For Corporate Tax Rate Cut
18/12/2014 US Business Attacks Proposed UK Diverted Profits Tax
17/12/2014 IMF Advises Belgium On Tax Reform
17/12/2014 Ajman Free Zone Promotes Opportunities For French Investors
17/12/2014 Seychelles Budget Increases Taxes To Attain Debt Target
18/12/2014 Two Swiss VAT Rule Changes From January 1
17/12/2014 China To Establish Three More Free Trade Zones
16/12/2014 Philippines Expands Mandatory e-Filing
16/12/2014 South Africa Issues Public Benefit Organisation Tax Guide
16/12/2014 Serbia Promises Consistent Business Taxes
17/12/2014 US VAT Proposal Floated In The Senate
16/12/2014 Camp, Hatch Carry Forward US Tax Reform Debate
16/12/2014 Italian Tax Worth EUR44bn Due On December 16
16/12/2014 HMRC Aggressively Pursuing VAT From Small Firms
15/12/2014 UK Issues Extra Guidance On 2015 VAT MOSS Changes
15/12/2014 New Abu Dhabi Free Zone To Launch In 2015
12/12/2014 Italy Agrees Businesses Are Over-Taxed
15/12/2014 Diverted Profits Tax To Undermine UK Economy: ACCA
12/12/2014 Accountants Call For Lower Taxes In Mexico
12/12/2014 China Mulls Cigarette Tax Hike
11/12/2014 Puerto Rico Finally Approves Oil Tax Hike
12/12/2014 Finance Ministry Reacts To Latest 'LuxLeaks'
12/12/2014 Putin Says Tax Rules Should Remain Unchanged
11/12/2014 UK Tories Planning UK SME Conciliation Service
11/12/2014 Israel's Netanyahu Seeks Re-election With Food VAT Break
10/12/2014 Canada, Israel Hold Latest Round Of Trade Talks
10/12/2014 South Korea To Develop Its Free Economic Zones
10/12/2014 Report Published On Australian Financial System
10/12/2014 EU Financial Transactions Tax In 2016 'Unlikely'
09/12/2014 British Small Businesses Seek Digital VAT Concessions
08/12/2014 ACCC Takes Next Step In Carbon Tax Compliance Process
08/12/2014 China Extends Agricultural Finance Tax Breaks
08/12/2014 HMRC's Construction Sector Compliance Work Yields Results
09/12/2014 Taiwanese Capital Gains Tax Change Uncertain
09/12/2014 Experts React To UK Banking Tax Changes
09/12/2014 Hong Kong Gazettes ETF Stamp Duty Exemption
08/12/2014 Sweden To Adopt Comparable Opposition Budget
08/12/2014 Norway's Commission Recommends Corporate Tax Rate Cut
05/12/2014 Guarded Welcome For UK Business Rates Review
05/12/2014 Quebec To Cut Back Tax Breaks To Balance Budget
08/12/2014 US And Cyprus Sign FATCA Deal
08/12/2014 China Confirms Schedule For VAT On Financial Services
04/12/2014 Puerto Rico's House Approves Oil Tax Hike
05/12/2014 House Passes One-Year US Tax Extenders Renewal
05/12/2014 International Approval For Patent Box Changes
04/12/2014 Northern Ireland May Get Corporate Tax Powers
05/12/2014 Osborne Delivers UK Autumn Statement
04/12/2014 Thailand Pulls VAT Hike Plan
04/12/2014 Inquiry Into Overreaching Filipino Tax Regulations Sought
04/12/2014 Medtronic Takes On Debt For Covidien Inversion
04/12/2014 House To Vote On One-Year US Tax Extenders Renewal
03/12/2014 Sri Lankan VAT Rate Cut To Support Manufacturers
02/12/2014 CRA Announces Three-Year Underground Economy Strategy
03/12/2014 Italian Lower House Approves 2015 Budget
02/12/2014 PwC Singapore Suggests Budget 2015 Measures
01/12/2014 Asia-Pac Tax Agencies Agree Cooperation
02/12/2014 UK Gambling Tax Regime Rules Overhauled
01/12/2014 HMRC Launches Employment And Payroll Group
02/12/2014 Romanian Tax Rules On Non-Residents Challenged
01/12/2014 ACCA Calls For Clear UK Tax Policy Choices
01/12/2014 Singapore Seeks Suggestions for 2015 Budget
28/11/2014 NZ Ranks 22nd In New 'Paying Taxes' Report
01/12/2014 UK Says Tax On Multinationals To Be Low, But Fair
27/11/2014 South Africa Drafts Tax Ruling On Unbundling Transactions
27/11/2014 British Marine Federation Issues Tax Compliance Warning


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