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Search Results for Business in 2011.

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30/12/2011 Latest UK Transfer Pricing Statistics Released
30/12/2011 Permit Given To US Online Gambling
30/12/2011 IoM Amends AML/CTF Handbook
29/12/2011 Barbados Seeks Prosperity Through Economic Diversification
29/12/2011 GBP1bn Tax Boost For UK Charities
29/12/2011 Record Export Year For Ireland
30/12/2011 Clegg Warns Of Further Austerity For UK
30/12/2011 French Court Clears Soda Tax, VAT Hike
29/12/2011 Manx Tax Agreements Enter Into Force
29/12/2011 Guernsey Looks Set To Retain Zero-Ten Corporate Regime
28/12/2011 Guernsey Clarifies Situation On Income Tax Coding Changes
29/12/2011 Gibraltar To Redraft Companies Act
28/12/2011 Oman Urged To Develop Non-Oil Revenue Streams
28/12/2011 Canada Notes Significant Progress On Free Trade In 2011
28/12/2011 Dutch Bank Tax Clarified
28/12/2011 Six Jailed In EU Carbon Trading Carousel Fraud Probe
27/12/2011 UK To Retain 'Uncompetitive' VAT Rate On E-books
27/12/2011 USPTO Updates Rules For Fast-Track Patent Processing
28/12/2011 FASB Defers Income Reclassification Reporting Requirements
27/12/2011 EU Approves Irish Banking, Credit Union Reforms
27/12/2011 Osborne Slates FTT Plans
26/12/2011 Mercosur States, Palestine Authority Sign FTA
26/12/2011 Thailand Considers Further Tax Relief For Flood Victims
26/12/2011 French Lawmakers' Green Light To Panama DTA
26/12/2011 Copyright Owners Able To Get Injunctions In Ireland
26/12/2011 Guernsey Concludes TIEA With India
23/12/2011 Jersey Structure Employed In Polymetal's LSE Listing
22/12/2011 Singapore-Panama DTA Enters Into Force
23/12/2011 FTC Warns ICANN On New Internet Domain Names
23/12/2011 China Changes Vehicle Taxes From January 1
23/12/2011 Isle Of Man's Tax Regime Vindicated
23/12/2011 FASB, IASB Set Disclosure Requirements On Offsetting
23/12/2011 US, Canada, Mexico Reaffirm Antitrust Cooperation
21/12/2011 WTO Members Enhance Procurement Pact
22/12/2011 Channel Islands To Challenge UK Tax Decision
21/12/2011 HMRC Accused Of Letting Big Firms Off The Hook
21/12/2011 Australian Treasurer Calls For Budget Submissions
22/12/2011 Jersey Welcomes Corporate Tax Certainty
21/12/2011 UK Issues Warning On Olympics Labour Taxes
21/12/2011 Taiwan, New Zealand To Study ECA
21/12/2011 Russian WTO Bid Approved
21/12/2011 BVI Business Activity Rises
21/12/2011 Ireland's Recovery Firming
20/12/2011 Canadian Budget Measures Enacted
21/12/2011 IRS Extends Deadline For Tax-Exempt Organizations
21/12/2011 Australia Proceeds With Fund Manager Tax Reforms
21/12/2011 US Tax Cut Fight Goes Down To The Wire
19/12/2011 Guatemala, Peru Conclude FTA
19/12/2011 Anguilla Faces Economic Challenges
19/12/2011 Bermuda Publishes Pre-Budget Report
19/12/2011 Report Calls For US-Egypt FTA
19/12/2011 WTO Launches New Trade Policy Resource
20/12/2011 Hong Kong Gazettes IPR Tax Deduction Extension Act
19/12/2011 Canadian Corporate Tax Filing Rules Amended
19/12/2011 IoM Hosts Chinese Entrepreneurs
16/12/2011 Hong Kong Discusses Tax Support For SMEs
16/12/2011 Progress Made In Canada, India FTA Talks
16/12/2011 USPTO Extends Green Technology Pilot Programme
19/12/2011 USD1bn Claimed In UK Film Tax Relief
15/12/2011 Jersey To Invest In Super-Fast Broadband
15/12/2011 Ireland Concerned At UK FTT Opt Out
15/12/2011 Nigerian 2012 Budget For 'Jobs And Growth'
16/12/2011 China, Hong Kong Sign CEPA Supplement VIII
15/12/2011 Taiwan Takes First Step To Property Tax Changes
16/12/2011 Canada Consults On New Pension Law
16/12/2011 UK Set For New Copyright Laws
14/12/2011 Netherlands, Japan Tax Treaty Ratified
14/12/2011 Japan Ratifies Peruvian Free Trade Pact
15/12/2011 Guernsey Promotes Finance Centre In India
15/12/2011 Foundation Warns Against Lease Accounting Proposals
15/12/2011 Cayman To Target Reinsurance Business
14/12/2011 HMRC Helps Employers Improve PAYE Systems
14/12/2011 Virginia Proposes Tax Credits For Space 'Burials'
15/12/2011 Hong Kong Rated Leading Financial Centre
15/12/2011 US House Approves GOP's Payroll Tax Extension Bill
13/12/2011 Fast Promotes Canada Trade And Tax Benefits In Germany
13/12/2011 Bermuda Amends Insurance Regime
14/12/2011 Business 'Not Hit' By UK Bribery Act
13/12/2011 Philippines Debates Removal Of Airline Taxes
14/12/2011 Italian Tax Man Renews Agreement With Soccer Clubs
14/12/2011 Singapore Tops Asia-Pac 'Good Governance' Index
14/12/2011 EU Claims Compliance With WTO Subsidy Ruling
12/12/2011 Central American Free Trade Pact Sealed
12/12/2011 BA Slams UK Travel Duty Hike
12/12/2011 Guernsey Reviews Functioning Of FSC
13/12/2011 Hong Kong's Inward FDI Soars
12/12/2011 China Halves Income Tax For Small Businesses
13/12/2011 Japan Agrees On 2012 Tax Proposals
12/12/2011 Irish Parties Spar Over EU Taxes
09/12/2011 HMRC Warns UK Businesses Of Upcoming VAT Filing Changes
09/12/2011 Switzerland Rejects Controversial Bonus Tax
09/12/2011 IoM Targets Unregistered Businesses
12/12/2011 Hong Kong Grows As International Arbitration Centre
09/12/2011 Australia Announces Enquiry Into AGMs
08/12/2011 Semeta Outlines Future Of VAT In Europe
08/12/2011 Austrian National Council Divided On Wealth Tax
08/12/2011 IRS Told To Improve Its Auditing Of Small Corporations
08/12/2011 South Korea To Ease Capital Gains Tax On Property
09/12/2011 Democrats Propose Compomise For US Payroll Tax Cuts
09/12/2011 Barbados Tops Caribbean In Anti-Corruption Report


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