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Search Results for Aviation in 2011.

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28/12/2011 Dubai Leader Approves 2012 Budget
27/12/2011 EFTA Signs Up To European Aviation Regulator
21/12/2011 Bahamas Receives Funding For Aviation Reform
16/12/2011 India Looks To Reform Aviation Sector
14/12/2011 Boeing 787 Sets Speed, Distance Records
13/12/2011 Philippines Debates Removal Of Airline Taxes
14/12/2011 EU Claims Compliance With WTO Subsidy Ruling
12/12/2011 Aviation Body Foresees Turbulent 2012
12/12/2011 BA Slams UK Travel Duty Hike
07/12/2011 India Tackles Aviation Taxes
06/12/2011 EU And Russia Reach Siberian Overflight Agreement
02/12/2011 American Airlines Files For Bankruptcy Protection
05/12/2011 Hong Kong, France DTA Comes Into Effect
29/11/2011 UK 'Losing GBP1bn' Because Of APD
22/11/2011 'Scrap APD', UK Airline Bosses Say
22/11/2011 NetJets Sues IRS Over Ticket Tax Assessments
18/11/2011 Dubai Airshow Ends With Bumper Orders
17/11/2011 India Seeks American Aviation-Sector Investors
15/11/2011 Middle East To Drive Future Aircraft Demand
10/11/2011 IATA Urges Airports, Airlines To Tackle Future Together
10/11/2011 Northern Ireland Flight Tax Cut In Force
01/05/2012 US Travel Industry Calls For Phase-Out Of UK APD
08/11/2011 Asian Airlines Lash Out At Western Tax Policy
01/11/2011 Airbus Project Cuts Flight's Emissions In Half
31/10/2011 Hong Kong Airport Witnesses Traffic Growth
31/10/2011 Malaysia Finally Confirms New Air Passenger Taxes
26/10/2011 IoM Space Sector Breaks Into New Territory
26/10/2011 Foreign Airlines Push For Philippines Tax Exemptions
26/10/2011 US Works To Halt EU Air Tax
24/10/2011 Bombardier Agrees Suppliers For New Business Jets
20/10/2011 Hong Kong Gazettes Aviation Fee Revisions
18/10/2011 German Plane Tax Cut Encourages Ryanair
17/10/2011 Guernsey To Push Ahead With Aircraft Registry
11/10/2011 IoM Aerospace Sector Receives Boost
11/10/2011 Airbus, Qantas Finalize Record Aircraft Deal
12/10/2011 Germany To Lower Plane Ticket Tax
05/10/2011 Aviation Industry Recovery Slows
05/10/2011 Hong Kong Extends Airport Charge Incentive
04/10/2011 India Leads Protest Against EU Carbon Tax On Airlines
28/09/2011 Northern Ireland Set For Flight Tax Cut
28/09/2011 Belated Dreamliner Sees First Delivery
27/09/2011 Taiwan, Japan Sign Investment Agreement
23/09/2011 Aviation Industry Opposes US Security Tax Hikes
22/09/2011 US, Australia Cooperate On Alternative Aviation Fuels
20/09/2011 Bermuda To Target Aerospace Companies
18/09/2011 Feud Flares As Air Baltic Hits The Rocks
16/09/2011 Industry Trials Revolutionary Fuel-Saving Proposals
15/09/2011 Malaysia Delays Increased Passenger Tax
16/09/2011 Aviation Body Slams EU's 'Massive' Carbon Tax
14/09/2011 US Business Travellers See Yet Another Fare Hike
13/09/2011 EU Examines Air Passenger Rights
12/09/2011 Bombardier Delivers Short-Haul Capability To India's SpiceJet
12/09/2011 Airbus Made Environmental Ambassador
07/09/2011 US Warns Of Small Aircraft Terrorism Threat
31/08/2011 Boeing Updates 737 Model With New Aircraft Family
25/08/2011 New Zealand Consults On Cross-Border GST Issues
22/08/2011 Hong Kong Welcomes Chinese Support Measures
15/08/2011 Canada, Costa Rica Strengthen Tax, Trade Relationship
12/08/2011 EADS Plans Acquisition Spree
12/08/2011 British Airways Recruiting 800 New Pilots
11/08/2011 GAMA Hails Canada-EU Air Safety Pact
10/08/2011 Singapore's Changi Airport Hosts Aviation Centenary Celebrations
10/08/2011 Hong Kong, Taiwan Look To Increase Cooperation
09/08/2011 Aviation Industry Records Mixed Fortunes
09/08/2011 Emirates Expects USD1bn EU Carbon Tax Bill
09/08/2011 Brazil And Canada Ink Key Deals
09/08/2011 US Temporary Air Ticket Tax Extension Agreed
05/08/2011 IOM Aerospace Cluster Reflects On Successful Forum
05/08/2011 US Politicians Play Blame Game Over Air Ticket Tax
04/08/2011 Irish Air Tax Stays As Deal Fails
04/08/2011 Delta Agrees To Refund Airline Passenger Taxes
03/08/2011 Guernsey Firm Pioneers Aircraft Leasing Venture
01/08/2011 IRS Looks To Airlines To Refund Ticket Taxes
29/07/2011 ANA Offering Exclusive 787 Maiden Flight Package
28/07/2011 Virgin Calls For Short-Haul APD Hike
27/07/2011 US Airline Ticket Tax Approval Runs Out
25/07/2011 BAA Forced To Divest Airport Ownership
26/07/2011 German Plane Tax Drives Passengers Abroad
19/07/2011 EC Probes Aviation Taxes, Subsidies
15/07/2011 Singapore, Saudia Arabia DTA Comes Into Effect
14/07/2011 Boeing Values Indian Market At USD150bn
13/07/2011 Dubai Plans Huge Investment In Aviation
12/07/2011 IATA's May Traffic Figures A Mixed Bag
12/07/2011 Australian Carbon Tax Details Published
08/07/2011 Schipol Recognized For Excellence
07/07/2011 IoM Aerospace Cluster Launches Industry Benchmark Scheme
05/07/2011 GE Aviation Reports On Stellar Sales In Paris
01/07/2011 Channel Islands Restrict Airspace Entry
30/06/2011 Jersey Holds Dialogue On Policy In Brussels
30/06/2011 BAA Loses Key UK VAT Case
29/06/2011 Aviation To Grow Via Consolidation
27/06/2011 Airbus Reviews A350-1000 Plans
20/06/2011 Jersey Strengthens Relationship With China
17/06/2011 Irish Flight Tax Cut Ends Infringement Procedure
16/06/2011 Airbus Unveils 'See Through' Plane Concept
16/06/2011 Asian Airlines Renew Attack On EU Carbon Scheme
14/06/2011 Luxembourg, Tajikistan Ink DTA
14/06/2011 Airspace Management Crisis Looms
13/06/2011 IADB Financing Bio-Jet Fuel Development
09/06/2011 Canada, Russia Agree To Greater Cooperation


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