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23/12/2013 Austria's Faymann Says Tax Reform Is First Priority
20/12/2013 Austria's Coalition Accord Sets Out AEI Tax Stance
18/12/2013 Austrians Encouraged To Claim 2008 Tax Relief By Year-End
16/12/2013 Austria Unites On Key Tax Reforms
13/12/2013 Luxembourg, Austria Block Accord On Savings Tax Revision
11/12/2013 Austria's Future Coalition United On Taxation
06/12/2013 Austria's Faymann "Regrets" Absence Of EU FTT
21/11/2013 Switzerland Under Tax Pressure Ahead Of Jakarta Global Forum
20/11/2013 ECOFIN Discusses Savings Tax Directive
18/11/2013 Austria's Faymann Insists Tax Reform Is "Feasible"
15/11/2013 Austrian Institute Opposes Use Of Tax Lever To Close Budget Gap
12/11/2013 Austrian Revenue Dip Exposes Gaping Budget Deficit
11/11/2013 OECD Backs Austrian Ecological Tax Reform
07/11/2013 Austria's Bures Opposes German Motorway Toll
05/11/2013 Austrian Labor Chamber Defends Bank Tax
04/11/2013 Germany Presses Ahead With Motorway Toll Plans
04/11/2013 Austria's OGB Demands Tax Relief For Workers
29/10/2013 Austrian Reverse Charge Rules To Tackle VAT Fraud
22/10/2013 Canada, EU Finally Ink Trade Deal
11/10/2013 EU States' VAT Decisions Under The Microscope
08/10/2013 Austria's Chartered Accountants Present Future Tax Model
02/10/2013 Austria's Triple A Rating Confirms Correct Tax Course
19/09/2013 Austria's SPÖ Unveils 'Progressive' Income Tax Model
17/09/2013 Austria Should Consider New Fiscal Package, Institute Warns
17/09/2013 Switzerland Set On Updating Liechtenstein Tax Treaty
16/09/2013 Austria's BZÖ Unveils 'Business Tax' Plan
11/09/2013 Liechtenstein Lawmakers Give Go-Ahead To Austrian Tax Accords
12/09/2013 Austria's Faymann Clarifies 'Millionaire Tax' Plans
06/09/2013 Austrian Institute Calls For Lower Taxes On Labor
05/09/2013 Switzerland Transfers Second Withholding Tax Tranche To Austria
02/09/2013 Liechtenstein Adopts Implementing Law For Austrian Tax Deal
16/08/2013 Germany's CSU Favors Vignette Over Car Tax
15/08/2013 Austrian Industry Denounces 'Counterproductive' Tax Debates
13/08/2013 Austria's SPÖ Seek Lower Entry Rate Of Income Tax
05/08/2013 Global Forum Reports On Information Exchange
01/08/2013 Austrian Tax Declarations Already Double 2012 Total
30/07/2013 Switzerland Transfers First Withholding Tax Tranches
23/07/2013 Austria's Faymann Demands Greater Tax Reform Zeal
23/07/2013 Austrian Auditors Slam Group Tax Failings
19/07/2013 Austria Faces Disappointment Over Swiss Tax Deal
17/07/2013 Austria's Fekter Eyes Post-Election Tax Reform
11/07/2013 Financial Markets Association Slams EU FTT Plans
10/07/2013 Austria Urged To Revise Environmental Taxes
05/07/2013 Šemeta Signals FTT Rate Reduction
02/07/2013 Austria Split On Tax Reform
27/06/2013 Research Highlights Ireland's Low Tax Take
27/06/2013 European Commission Could Delay FTT
25/06/2013 Austria, EU Stress FTT Urgency
20/06/2013 Liechtenstein Adopts Consultation On Austrian Tax Deal
21/06/2013 MEPs Call For Reforms To FTT Plans
17/06/2013 Austria Gives Green Light To Basel III Bill
13/06/2013 Austrian Study Vindicates SPÖ's 'Millionaire's Tax'
12/06/2013 Pictet Warns Of Major Swiss Financial Center Challenges
06/06/2013 Austria Accords Tax Relief For Flood Victim Support
05/06/2013 Austria May Face Budget Gap Due To Faltering FTT
03/06/2013 FTT Scale-Back On The Cards?
30/05/2013 Twelve New Signatories To OECD Multilateral Convention
29/05/2013 Austrian Anger Over Faymann's Bank Tax Plans
29/05/2013 Austria's 'SoKo' To Tackle Offshore Tax Evasion
29/05/2013 Juncker Defends Automatic Information Exchange Stance
27/05/2013 Austria Notes EU Agreement On Tax Evasion Action
27/05/2013 Swiss Bankers Favor Automatic Information Exchange
21/05/2013 Economic Consultants Slam Commission's FTT Plans
20/05/2013 Austria's Spindelegger Slams 'Faymann's Taxes'
20/05/2013 Luxembourg, Austria Sanction EU Negotiating Mandate
16/05/2013 Austria's Schieder Champions SPÖ 'Millionaire Tax'
16/05/2013 Netherlands Set To Block EU FTT
10/05/2013 Austria Eyes US FATCA Deal
08/05/2013 Germany Divided On Swiss Tax Deal Renegotiation
06/05/2013 Austria Eyes Future Tax Relief For Working Families
01/05/2013 Austria Willing To Negotiate With EU On Banking Secrecy
30/04/2013 International Banking Federation Slams FTT Plans
25/04/2013 Luxembourg Backs UK FTT Opposition
22/04/2013 Austria Eyes Tax Relief For Families
22/04/2013 German State Defends Tax Disc Purchase
19/04/2013 EU FTT Under Fire From International Trade Associations
17/04/2013 Cayman's Travers Rebukes International Misrepresentation
17/04/2013 Austria Eyes Tax Information Exchange Negotiations
10/04/2013 European Repo Representatives Call For FTT Exemptions
10/04/2013 Luxembourg Willing To Ease Banking Secrecy
09/04/2013 Schäuble Seeks Renewed Drive To Combat Tax Evasion
09/04/2013 ICAP Sounds Warning On EU Tobin Tax
01/04/2013 Austria Challenges Germany's New Pension Tax Ruling
29/03/2013 OECD Flags Up Austria's 'Regressive' Income Tax System
26/03/2013 Austrian Lawmakers Back Tax Deals With Liechtenstein
20/03/2013 Think-Tank Slams Switzerland's Sluggish Fiscal Reform Zeal
18/03/2013 Berlin Gathering Focuses On Tax Compliance Solutions
01/03/2013 Austria Improves Pensions Tax Break
28/02/2013 Semeta Talks FTT
27/02/2013 Austria Unveils Details Of Draft Banking Law
26/02/2013 Austria's Social Democrats Defend 'Millionaire's Tax'
22/02/2013 Switzerland, Liechtenstein Assess Feasibility Of Withholding Tax Deal
15/02/2013 Austria Welcomes Commission's FTT Proposal
01/12/2014 Austria's Leitl Denouces Wealth Taxes As 'Theft'
12/02/2013 Belgium Falls Short On Dissuasive Environmental Taxes
07/02/2013 EU FTT May Yield Annual Revenues Of EUR34bn
04/02/2013 Austria Exceeds Fiscal Targets
04/02/2013 Switzerland Settles UK Upfront Withholding Tax Payment
31/01/2013 Liechtenstein, Austria Sign Swiss-Style Tax Deal
28/01/2013 Liechtenstein, Austria Conclude Tax Treaty Talks


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