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Switzerland Seeks To Relieve Double Tax On PEs

The Swiss Federal Council has launched a consultation on changes to the flat-rate tax credit, which seeks to ensure double tax relief for permanent establishments of companies that are located in Switzerland.
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New Zealand's National Party Secures A Third Term

New Zealand's National Party has been reelected for a third term after campaigning with a pledge that it will cut tax for households and businesses.
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40-Hour Rule Proposed For ObamaCare Reforms

The United States Internal Revenue Service has issued a proposed notice regulating how to calculate compliance with the "30-hour rule" in the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate, at about the same time as the House of Representatives was passing its Jobs for America Act, which would relax the new requirements to include only employees working at least 40-hour weeks.
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US Business Shows Continuing Concern Over BEPS

While there has been little new public comment from leading lawmakers in Congress regarding the first set of recommendations issued recently by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on its base erosion and profit shifting initiative, the Business Roundtable has expressed its concern at the "disproportionate adverse impact" the initiative could have on United States multinationals.
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