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HMRC's General Anti-Abuse Rule Panel Appointed

HM Revenue and Customs has announced the members of the new General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) Advisory Panel, which will review and approve HMRC guidance on the GAAR and deliver opinions on individual cases referred to it by HMRC.
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Merkel Hints At 'Soli' Tax Beyond 2019

German Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union party leader Angela Merkel has underlined the need to maintain the country's extremely unpopular solidarity tax, hinting that the levy could be extended beyond 2019 to fund regional projects throughout Germany.
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EU Re-Opens Market To Myanmar

Myanmar has been brought back under the European Union's "Everything But Arms" preferential trade regime.
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UK Steps Up Pursuit Of Tax Evaders

The number of requests for data which UK tax authority Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) made to Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on possible tax evaders hit a record high last year.
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IRS Advises On Outsourced Payroll Services

The United States Internal Revenue Service has provided advice to those many employers that outsource their payroll and related tax duties to third-party payers, such as payroll service providers and reporting agents.
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Transfer Pricing Australia

Adapting Existing Business Models and Practices to Comply With the New Laws

November 26-27, 2013
Crowne Plaza, Melbourne, Australia

As the Australian Tax Office begins a wide-ranging audit process to recover tax revenue under the new transfer pricing legislation, this timely Transfer Pricing conference will bring together a host of transfer pricing professionals from Australia’s leading multi-national companies as well as their expert accountancy and legal advisors, who will give you implementable insights on how the market leaders are practically adopting the new legislation.

Strict documentation requirements under the new laws have created an urgent need for companies to fully re-evaluate and re-adjust their internal transfer pricing policies and pricing arrangements. Early reconsideration of existing models of transfer pricing and the establishment of effective tax planning processes that are compliant with the new rules will significantly reduce the risk of costly ATO transfer pricing audits.

C5’s practical conference on Transfer Pricing will provide you with the guidelines and tools for successful tax planning so that you can ensure that your company is fully prepared for the new requirements.

Do not miss this truly unique opportunity to meet key market participants and gain a comprehensive and practical analysis of the new changes, allowing you to develop best practice strategies for your company in line with the industry benchmarks.

  • Hear up-to-the-minute  information on the assessment and enforcement outcomes of the new Transfer Pricing laws
  • Avoid costly penalties by preparing appropriate Transfer Pricing documentation to establish a ‘reasonably arguable position’
  • Learn how industry leaders interpret and apply complex tax formulas and distribute risks between affiliated structures registered in different tax jurisdictions
  • Position your Transfer Pricing risk assessment in line with what the ATO have prioritised in their audit and risk review in light of the new legislation
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges associated with defining appropriate Transfer Pricing methods for your company
  • Comply with the new legislation and minimise the risk of ATO audit in relation to business restructuring, inter-company loans, intangible assets, and other business arrangements


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