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Semeta Issues Tax Ultimatum To Switzerland

Drawing sharp criticism from Switzerland, European Union Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta has warned that the Confederation has six months in which to amend its company tax arrangements currently favouring foreign companies.
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French Report Advocates Internet Tax

The French finance ministry has recently unveiled details of a report on taxation of the digital economy, submitted by state councilor Pierre Collin and government auditor Nicolas Colin.
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Japan Delays TPP Decision

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided to defer any decision on whether Japan will continue with an application to join the negotiations on an extended Trans-Pacific Partnership, presently being led by the United States.
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Tax Hikes Loom In Bermuda

The new Bermuda government that was elected on December 17 will tackle the substantial budget deficits the territory has racked up in recent years, Bermuda's newly-appointed Finance Minister Bob Richards has announced.
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UK Zero-Rate VAT On Print And E-Publications Under Threat

A member of the VAT Practitioners Group has warned that Britain's zero-rate value-added tax on books, newspapers, and magazines may be at threat following a European Commission consultation on reduced VAT rates, and that the European Union needs a precise and narrow definition of an "e-book."
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