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US Reopens Offshore Disclosure Scheme

The United States Internal Revenue Service has reopened the offshore voluntary disclosure program after reporting continued strong interest in the scheme from taxpayers and tax practitioners following the closure of two previous initiatives.
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Sarkozy Seeks To Steer Merkel On 'Tobin' Tax

Ahead of a crucial European Council meeting on January 30, and determined to gain much needed ground in the run up to the presidential elections in France in April, French President Nicolas Sarkozy advocated accelerating implementation of a tax imposed on financial transactions, during his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday.
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Argentina Hikes Import Taxes On Luxury Vehicles

The Argentine government has announced a change to the country's customs duty regime to introduce higher taxes on imported vehicles and motorbikes, imitating Brazil's earlier decision to introduce protectionist tax measures to support its domestic car manufacturing industry.
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PwC Warns Of UK PAYE Overhaul 'Perfect Storm'

While reform of the UK's pay-as-you-earn tax system is in itself a good thing, a tight timescale for completion could create major issues for employers, PwC has warned.
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Indiana Reaches Sales Tax Agreement With Amazon

Mitch Daniels, Governor of the US state of Indiana, has announced that the state has reached an agreement with Indiana’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com, Inc., to begin collecting Indiana sales tax on internet purchases - the fourth state to reach such an agreement with the online retail giant.
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