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Search Results for United Kingdom in 2017.

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28/03/2017 Food Retailers Seek UK-EU Free Trade Agreement
28/03/2017 HMRC Consult On Improving Online VAT Collection
27/03/2017 HMRC Changes Alignment Date For Benefits In Kind
27/03/2017 Gaming Firms Flee Poland's Gambling Tax
24/03/2017 UK Barrister To Argue Uber Responsible For UK VAT Dues
24/03/2017 Barnier: EU Wants Brexit Deal With UK
23/03/2017 UK To Begin 'Hard Brexit' Process
23/03/2017 UK Rethinking Tax On Overseas Property Investors
22/03/2017 UK To Proceed With Tougher Hidden Economy Tax Penalties
22/03/2017 UK To Expand Double Tax Treaty Passport Scheme
22/03/2017 HMRC Delays Introduction Of Stamp Duty Filing Changes
21/03/2017 UK Lawmakers Call For Tourism Tax Incentives For N Ireland
21/03/2017 Ireland Seeking Close EU-UK Relationship, Says Noonan
20/03/2017 Taiwan Explains VAT Refunds For Foreign Exhibitors
20/03/2017 HMRC Warns Against Disguised Tax Avoidance Scheme
17/03/2017 HMRC Wins Another Case Against Film Finance Arrangement
16/03/2017 UK U-Turns On National Insurance Levy Hike
15/03/2017 HMRC Issues Guide On Declaring Unreported Card Payments
15/03/2017 Scotland May Break From UK Plan For 'Hard Brexit'
14/03/2017 UK Social Security Tax Increase Deferred
13/03/2017 Ireland Launches New Trade Strategy
13/03/2017 UK Budget Anti-Avoidance Measure Will Fail, CIOT Says
13/03/2017 UK Tax Agency Welcomes Stamp Duty Avoidance Ruling
13/03/2017 UK Pensions Tax Decision Criticized
10/03/2017 UK To Enhance Social Investment Tax Relief Regime
10/03/2017 Ibec: Major Overhaul Of Irish Business Tax Offering Needed
09/03/2017 More Tax Hikes For UK Taxpayers In 2017 Budget
08/03/2017 UK Updates Charity Tax Relief Model Declaration
08/03/2017 UK Think Tank Calls For Simpler Tax Regime
07/03/2017 HMRC Urged To Do More To Support Persons With Disabilities
07/03/2017 HMRC Updated IR35 Guidance For Public Sector Contracts
06/03/2017 Canada Counts Revenue Lost On E-Commerce Imports
06/03/2017 EU Will Take Irish Concerns Over Brexit Into Account
06/03/2017 UK Labour Would Make Wealthy Taxpayers' Returns Public
03/03/2017 UK Updates List Of Tax Deductible Professional Body Fees
03/03/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Dual Threats To Ireland
03/03/2017 LITRG Calls For Rethink On UK Pension Contribution Tax Measure
02/03/2017 UK Budget Likely To Feature Self-Employment Tax Reforms
02/03/2017 British Firms Call For Tax Certainty Ahead Of Brexit
01/03/2017 UK Government To Increase ISA Subscription Limit
28/02/2017 UK Court Rules In Favor Of HMRC In Ladbrokes Tax Case
28/02/2017 India Continues To Conclude Several APAs
28/02/2017 HMRC Quizzed On UK Film Industry Tax Scheme Crackdown
27/02/2017 Pressure Mounting On Governments To Tax Sharing Economy
27/02/2017 Unique Scottish Tax Rules Add To Complexity
27/02/2017 UK Gov't Announces New Tax-Advantaged Savings Account
27/02/2017 HMRC Adds To Tax Avoidance Schemes Under Investigation
24/02/2017 Lobby Groups Seek Rational UK Alcohol Tax Regime
22/02/2017 Northern Irish Gov't Mulling 10 Percent CIT Rate
22/02/2017 Scottish Parliament Agrees New Income Tax Settings
21/02/2017 UK SMEs Not Ready For Digital, Quarterly Reporting: Survey
20/02/2017 HMRC Consults On Simplifying Alcohol Duty Obligations
17/02/2017 UK Proposes Tougher Penalties On Tobacco, Excise Duty Evaders
17/02/2017 Hong Kong Ranked As Freest Economy For 22nd Year
16/02/2017 UK Disabled Drivers Face New VAT Hit 'Unduly,' Charity Says
16/02/2017 UK Chamber Calls For Property Tax Reform
15/02/2017 Tax Professionals Call For Clarity On Scottish Air Tax Plans
14/02/2017 UK To Change Vehicle Tax Structure
14/02/2017 Freelancers Challenges IFS Report On Self Employment Taxes
10/02/2017 UK To Waive Tax On Deceased Taxpayers' ISA Investments
08/02/2017 HMRC's Tax Fraud Unit Secured USD6bn In 2016
08/02/2017 UK Court Shuts Down Adult Entertainment VAT 'Loophole'
08/02/2017 UK Austerity To Push Tax Burden To Record Level
07/02/2017 Firms Urge UK To Review Business Rates, R And D Tax Breaks
07/02/2017 UK Government To Review Tax Credit Cases
06/02/2017 Scottish Government Ditches Income Tax Threshold Plan
06/02/2017 CIOT Urges Delay For UK's Making Tax Digital Plans
06/02/2017 UK MNE Tax Compliance Yield Dips 'Temporarily'
03/02/2017 LITRG Calls For UK Tax Relief For Foreign Pensions
02/02/2017 Irish Jobs Plan Targets FDI Growth
02/02/2017 HMRC Updates Making Tax Digital Plans
02/02/2017 HMRC Investigates Reporting Tax Debts To Credit Rating Agencies
01/02/2017 UK To Increase Income Tax Cash Basis Threshold
01/02/2017 HMRC Still Lacking On Service, Accountants Say
01/02/2017 Australia Says Corporate Tax Cut, Free Trade A Win-Win
30/01/2017 UK Publishes Law To Restrict Interest Deductions
30/01/2017 Morrison Makes Case For Australian Tax Cuts
30/01/2017 London Mayor Seeks To Break From UK Tax Regime
26/01/2017 Ireland's Kenny Hopeful On Brexit Opportunities
26/01/2017 Dijsselbloem Warns UK Against 'Going Rogue' On Tax
25/01/2017 Brexit Ruling Could Be 'Damaging For Taxpayers'
25/01/2017 Morrison Pushing For Australia-UK FTA
24/01/2017 UK, Australia To Begin Free Trade Talks
24/01/2017 HMRC Warns On Expense Claims Ahead Of Filing Deadline
24/01/2017 UK Lawmakers Must Approve Article 50 Motion, Rules Supreme Court
23/01/2017 Business Group: Hard Brexit 'Threatens Irish SMEs'
23/01/2017 ECJ AG Advises On UK-Gibraltar Gambling Tax Dispute
20/01/2017 UK Announces Telecoms Sector Tax Relief
20/01/2017 UK Commits To Improving Tax Industry, Taxpayer Engagement
20/01/2017 Irish Economy Vulnerable To US Tax Changes, Brexit
24/01/2017 UK Government To Reform Horseracing Levy
24/01/2017 Retailers Urge Reform Of UK Commercial Property Tax
18/01/2017 Irish Firms Respond To Hard Brexit Announcement
18/01/2017 Welsh Landlords Seek Buy-To-Let Tax Concession
17/01/2017 UK Urged To Delay Making Tax Digital Plans
17/01/2017 Change Process For UK Tax Decisions, Says Report
16/01/2017 UK Lawmakers Urged To Heed Expert Tax Reform Advice
12/01/2017 Snapchat Chooses UK Tax Domicile
12/01/2017 HMRC Publishes Guide On Avoiding Phishing Scams
12/01/2017 UK Tax Authority Makes U-Turn On Transformation Plan


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