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Search Results for United Kingdom in 2017.

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22/06/2017 Future UK Tax Policy Uncertain, As May Focuses On Brexit
21/06/2017 Ireland Sets Out Stall For Brexit Talks
20/06/2017 UK Confirms It Will Leave EU Single Market Upon Brexit
19/06/2017 UK Tax Burden To Rise, Chancellor Confirms
19/06/2017 UK Begins Brexit Negotiations In Brussels
19/06/2017 Irish Business Sets Out Brexit Wish List
16/06/2017 ECJ Rules On Definition Of Sport For VAT Purposes
16/06/2017 Concern After Uptick In UK Tax Credit Errors
15/06/2017 Ibec Urges New Irish Gov't To Be Brexit, BEPS Ready
14/06/2017 Canada, UK Cooperate In Anti-VAT Fraud Sting
14/06/2017 Gibraltar-Based Firms Fail In UK Gambling Tax Challenge
09/06/2017 UK's Hung Parliament Puts Some Proposals In Jeopardy
08/06/2017 Enforcement Tax Yield From UK's Largest Firms Drops
08/06/2017 CIOT Discusses BEPS Changes To UK Tax Treaties
05/06/2017 UK PM Says No Change To Tax Proposals For High Earners
01/06/2017 Irish Revenue Says No To Post-Brexit Customs Posts
31/05/2017 Irish Gov't Helping SMEs Prepare For Brexit
31/05/2017 Irish Firms Lack Expertise To Manage 'New UK Border'
30/05/2017 Wales Enacts Law For First Devolved Tax
30/05/2017 UK Gig Economy Review 'Dodging Tough Tax Questions'
29/05/2017 Scotland Appoints President To New Tax Tribunal
29/05/2017 Firms In High-Tax EU States Support Single EU-Wide Rate
24/05/2017 UK Conservatives To Target Tax Advisory Firms
23/05/2017 European Council Authorizes Brexit Talks
23/05/2017 Automatic Exchange Of Information Deadline Approaching, Says HMRC
19/05/2017 EU Parliament To Debate Position On Brexit
19/05/2017 UK Conservative Party Would Hike Income Tax Bands
18/05/2017 Labour Planning Largest UK Tax Burden Since 1940s: IEA
18/05/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Challenges To Ireland
17/05/2017 UK Labour Proposes Tax On Executive Pay Packets
17/05/2017 North America A Growing Market For Irish Exporters
16/05/2017 UK Firms Seek Tax Certainty From Next Gov't
16/05/2017 Irish Small Firms: Cut Taxes To Compete With UK
15/05/2017 UK Sugar Tax Should Cover Confectionary, Campaigners Say
15/05/2017 Labour Would Hike Taxes On UK Financial Sector
15/05/2017 IMF Calls On Ireland To Expand Tax Base
15/05/2017 Ibec: Brexit Will Increase Competition For Investment
12/05/2017 Think Tanks Say UK Corporate Tax Hike Would Be Self-Defeating
12/05/2017 Scotland Open To A 50 Percent Top Income Tax Rate
11/05/2017 Australian Banks Condemn 'Hasty' New Levy
11/05/2017 Finland And UK Top EU Sin Tax Index
10/05/2017 UK Lawmakers Seek Action On 'Gig Economy Tax Dodge'
10/05/2017 UK Labour Would Hike Corporation Tax
10/05/2017 Future UK Gov't Should Embrace Tax Simplification, Says CIOT
09/05/2017 ECJ Sides With Taxpayer In UK College VAT Exemption Dispute
09/05/2017 Spain To Challenge Gibraltar's Sovereignty, Tax System
08/05/2017 UK Opposition Would Hike Individual Income Taxes
05/05/2017 UK Labour Says It Would Increase CGT and IHT
04/05/2017 UK Legislates For Broader Automatic Tax Information Exchange
04/05/2017 UK Introduces Criminal Offence For Facilitating Tax Evasion
04/05/2017 Scotland Should Have Tax Committee, Says CIOT
04/05/2017 Irish Gov't Publishes Its Response To Brexit
02/05/2017 Businesses Paid 30 Percent Of UK Taxes In 2016/17
02/05/2017 UK Tax Freeze Impractical, Think Tank Says
01/05/2017 EU27 Agrees Brexit Negotiating Position
01/05/2017 UK Political Parties Commit To Freeze VAT Rate
28/04/2017 Europe Will Conclude FTA With UK, Says EU Commissioner
28/04/2017 Tusk: UK Must Resolve Brexit Issues Before Tax Talk Begins
28/04/2017 UK Tax Burden Higher On The Poor Than Rich
27/04/2017 Australian Gov't To Reintroduce Company Tax Cuts
27/04/2017 Scottish Lawmakers Support Replacement Air Tax
26/04/2017 UK Tax Practitioners Welcome Decision To Defer Tax Moves
26/04/2017 Irish SMEs Concerned By Brexit
24/04/2017 EU Approves UK Levy On Horseracing Bets
24/04/2017 UK Consults On Changes To VAT On Telecoms Services
24/04/2017 UK Government Declines To Rule Out Future Tax Rate Hikes
21/04/2017 Scottish Taxes Should Be Devolved To Councils, Says Think Tank
21/04/2017 Chancellor Urged To Not Rush Through Tax Reforms
20/04/2017 US Backs UK Free Trade Talks
20/04/2017 New Report Estimates UK VAT Lost From Online Sales
19/04/2017 UK Supermarkets Benefited From Unpopular Business Rates Review
19/04/2017 UK Landlords Using Companies To Mitigate Tax Burden
19/04/2017 UK Gov't Calls Snap Election Ahead Of Brexit Talks
17/04/2017 Irish Gov't Considering SME Tax Relief: Report
14/04/2017 UK Treasury Rejects Calls To Consult Tax Experts
12/04/2017 Scottish Lawmakers Support Air Tax Cut
12/04/2017 Competitiveness Council: Ireland Must Improve Tax Regime
11/04/2017 HMRC Updates Pay As You Earn Rules
10/04/2017 UK Tax Man Goes After Image Rights Tax Avoidance
10/04/2017 UK Must Not Repeat 'Catastrophic' Tax Credit Contract
07/04/2017 UK Offering New Trading, Property Income Tax Allowances
06/04/2017 MEPs: UK Can't Negotiate Non-EU Free Trade Deals Before Brexit
05/04/2017 Wales Passes Land Transaction Tax Bill
05/04/2017 UK Companies Impressed By Irish Tax Regime
04/04/2017 HMRC Launches New Tax Fraud Hotline
04/04/2017 UK Gov't Must Anticipate Possible EU Free Trade Deal Void
03/04/2017 Switzerland, UK Begin Free Trade Talks
03/04/2017 Several Tax Agencies Collaborating In Swiss Banking Sting
31/03/2017 EU Aims For "Orderly Withdrawal" Of UK In Brexit Talks
30/03/2017 UK Triggers Article 50 To Quit EU
30/03/2017 MEPs: Brexit Deal Cannot Be Better Than EU Membership
30/03/2017 Irish Farmers Call For Free Access To UK Post-Brexit
30/03/2017 UK Buy-To-Let Landlords Face Higher Tax Bills From April
29/03/2017 UK Considers Response To Construction Industry VAT Fraud
29/03/2017 Swiss To Talk Free Trade With UK
28/03/2017 Food Retailers Seek UK-EU Free Trade Agreement
28/03/2017 HMRC Consult On Improving Online VAT Collection
27/03/2017 HMRC Changes Alignment Date For Benefits In Kind
27/03/2017 Gaming Firms Flee Poland's Gambling Tax
24/03/2017 UK Barrister To Argue Uber Responsible For UK VAT Dues


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