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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2013.

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17/12/2013 CBPP: US 'Tax Extenders' Extension Should Be Funded
13/12/2013 IMF Looks For Further Increase In Kenyan Tax Revenues
09/12/2013 IMF Looks For Bangladesh To Bolster Revenue Collection
27/11/2013 IMF Endorses Mexico's New Fiscal Framework
22/11/2013 IFS Assesses Fiscal Outlook For Independent Scotland
13/11/2013 Italy's Letta Confirms No IMU Payment This Year
31/10/2013 Antigua To Monetize Suspended US IP Rights
30/10/2013 Malaysia's Budget Balances Tax Cuts With GST Introduction
28/10/2013 Gordhan Commits South Africa To Fiscal Stability
28/10/2013 South Africa Defends Employment Tax Incentive
21/10/2013 Weak Economy Makes Ukraine Tax Cut Unlikely
09/10/2013 Italian Tax Cuts Promised In Upcoming 2014 Budget
24/09/2013 Malaysia's Upcoming 2014 Budget Seen As Fiscal Watershed
16/09/2013 Japan Prepares Corporate Tax Relief Against Consumption Tax Hike
12/09/2013 Pe˝a Nieto Dilutes His Mexican Tax Reforms
05/09/2013 Italian Funding Options For Property Tax Cancellation
03/09/2013 Australian Election A 'Referendum' On Carbon Tax
14/08/2013 US Charitable Deductions Put To The Test
08/08/2013 US Study Criticizes Increased CGT Rates
08/08/2013 IMF Recommends No More French Tax Hikes
05/08/2013 St Kitts-Nevis Shows Signs Of Economic Recovery
02/08/2013 Australian Tax Revenue Down
01/08/2013 Study Looks At Economic Effects Of 'Blank Slate' Tax Reform
31/07/2013 IMF Calls For Slower US Short-Term Deficit Reduction
19/07/2013 South Korea To Decide On Property Tax Cut
19/07/2013 South Africa's Tax Review Committee To Start Work
12/07/2013 EU Reminds Italy Of Its Tax Undertakings
27/06/2013 Malaysia Will Not Cut Car Excise Duties
27/06/2013 US Tax Policies Not Reducing Carbon Emissions
26/06/2013 IMF Recommends Increased Taxes For Vanuatu
25/06/2013 UK Chancellor Defends Tax Policies
10/06/2013 Study Analyzes Effect Of US Tax Reforms On Housing Prices
07/06/2013 Bangladesh Promises Improved Tax Administration
03/06/2013 Italy Exits From EU Excessive Deficit Procedure
31/05/2013 CBO Examines Distribution Of US Income Tax Expenditures
23/05/2013 Italy Warned On Effect Of Upcoming VAT Rate Hike
20/05/2013 Italian Tax Reforms Have To Wait 100 Days
17/05/2013 Puerto Rico's Sales Tax Changes Get Moody's Approval
16/05/2013 IMF Again Warns On Income Tax Plans In Latvia
13/05/2013 Hong Kong Diversifies Its Bond Investors
03/05/2013 Proposal To Limit US Tax Deductions Resurfaces
18/04/2013 South Korea Proposes Substantial Supplementary Budget
12/04/2013 South Korea To Introduce Supplementary Budget
11/04/2013 English Outlines NZ Budget 2013 Priorities
11/04/2013 Australia, China Agree To Restart FTA Talks
04/04/2013 IMF Welcomes Bangladeshi Moves For Higher Tax Revenue
03/04/2013 UK Chancellor Defends Lowering Top Income Tax Rate
02/04/2013 South Korea To Provide Tax Exemptions For Property Boost
02/04/2013 Academic Revisits Aviation 'Fat Tax' Options
01/04/2013 New Brunswick Budget Hikes Personal Income Tax
29/03/2013 Philippines Given First Investment Grade Rating
26/03/2013 Leung Pushes Hong Kong's Advantages To Investors
26/03/2013 Indonesia Faces Struggle To Meet 2013 Revenue Targets
25/03/2013 Argentinian Tax Audit Flags 285,000 Taxpayers
20/03/2013 Boehner Reiterates Stance Against Further US Tax Hikes
19/03/2013 US Senate Starts Tax Reform Process
15/03/2013 Congress Reviews US Tax Incentives For Energy Technologies
15/03/2013 European Parliament Agrees To 'Two Pack' Regulations
14/03/2013 Republican Revenue-Neutral US Budget Cuts Spending
06/03/2013 China To Enforce Capital Gains Tax On Home Sales
04/03/2013 Indian 2013 Budget Delivers Tax Changes
01/03/2013 Hong Kong Budget Provides Less In Handouts
27/02/2013 Singapore's Budgetary Tax Measures Look For 'Quality Growth'
26/02/2013 Hong Kong Doubles Taxes To Limit Property Price Inflation
25/02/2013 Negotiations On Future EU Budget To Be Stepped Up
22/02/2013 New Stabilization Measures For Eurozone Countries
21/02/2013 Tax May Rise In Scotland On Welfare Costs
20/02/2013 EP 'Ready' To Negotiate On Long Term Budget
14/02/2013 Ecofin Sets Out Budget Priorities
11/02/2013 OECD Economic Survey Calls For UK Tax Changes
07/02/2013 Obama Seeks Short-Term Budgetary Package To Delay Sequester
06/02/2013 Berlusconi Would Repay Tax On First Homes
05/02/2013 Singapore's GST Voucher Fund Comes Into Operation
05/02/2013 Republicans Try To Get Balanced Budget Out Of Obama
04/02/2013 Seychelles Explains Its Tax Policies To IMF
01/02/2013 Japan Includes Tax Reforms In 2013 Budget
31/01/2013 US States Dependent On Property, Sales Taxes
30/01/2013 Monti Lays Out Tax-Cutting Campaign Promises
30/01/2013 Hong Kong To Enhance Competitiveness In RMB Business
29/01/2013 CBO Studies US Refundable Tax Credits
25/01/2013 IMF Looks For More Philippines Tax Revenue
25/01/2013 Hong Kong Showcases RMB Services In Dubai
25/01/2013 Obama Would Sign Republicans' Short-Term Debt Limit Bill
24/01/2013 Republicans Propose 'No Budget No Pay' Bill
22/01/2013 Ireland To Oversee FTT Implementation
22/01/2013 IMF Recommends Hong Kong Should Remain Fiscally Flexible
18/01/2013 Singapore Ranked World's Most Dynamic Economy
17/01/2013 Germany Boasts Budget Surplus In 2012
16/01/2013 Philippines Sets Higher Target For Income Tax Revenue
16/01/2013 Obama Wants Quick Congressional Decision On Debt Limit
14/01/2013 Cyprus Bailout Delayed To March
14/01/2013 Hong Kong Again Ranked As World's Freest Economy
09/01/2013 Hong Kong Deficit Narrows
07/01/2013 Analysts Differ Over ATRA's Deficit Impact
03/01/2013 US Congress Finally Passes Temporary Fiscal Fix


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