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Search Results for Offshore in 2016.

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28/12/2016 NZ Approves Providers Of Overseas Record-Keeping Services
28/12/2016 50 Countries To Automatically Exchange Tax Data: OECD
19/12/2016 South African Tax Bills Approved By Parliament
15/12/2016 Canadian Committee Reports On Voluntary Disclosure Program
14/12/2016 UK Consults On Draft Finance Bill 2017
09/12/2016 HMRC Supports Review Of Tax Rules On Image Rights
07/12/2016 Australia To Review Petroleum Resource Rent Tax
29/11/2016 Australia To Legislate For Diverted Profits Tax
18/11/2016 France Launches Panama Papers Investigations
14/11/2016 European Council Endorses Exchange Of Beneficial Ownership Data
11/11/2016 EU Agrees Criteria For 'Tax Haven' Blacklist
09/11/2016 UK Provides Update On Panama Paper Inquiries
08/11/2016 Moody's Predicts Increase In US Firms' Offshore Cash Piles
31/10/2016 Canada Receives Recommends For Tax Compliance Action
27/10/2016 Panama Signs Up To OECD Tax Transparency Pact
24/10/2016 Hong Kong Encourages Chinese Corporate Treasury Centers
19/10/2016 Andorra Announces Corporate Reorganization Tax Law
12/10/2016 Irish Budget Eases Tax On Workers
05/10/2016 NZ Introduces 'Netflix' Tax On Electronic Services
04/10/2016 Denmark Pays For Panama Papers Data
04/10/2016 South Africa's Tax Amnesty 'Began' On October 1
03/10/2016 UK Closes Insurance VAT Loophole
28/09/2016 European Parliament Begins Panama Papers Inquiry
23/09/2016 EU To Create List Of Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions
19/09/2016 Australia Singles Out Multinational Profit Shifting Arrangements
16/09/2016 India, Seychelles To Exchange Tax Information
15/09/2016 South Korea Sees Surge In Offshore Disclosures
14/09/2016 Canada Revenue Agency To Investigate Property Tax Evasion
13/09/2016 Canada Provides Update On Anti-Evasion Work
08/09/2016 UK Launches World Disclosure Facility
08/09/2016 Australia Carries Out Panama Papers Tax Investigations
25/08/2016 UK Tax Agency Gives Offshore Evaders 'Final Chance'
22/08/2016 UK To Alter Inheritance Tax Rules On Non-Doms
19/08/2016 Cayman Islands Registered Firms Top 100,000 Mark
18/08/2016 Experts Urge Clarity On UK Rules On 'Enabling' Tax Avoidance
18/08/2016 Tax Avoidance Scheme Promoters To Face New UK Penalties
15/08/2016 Australia Reviewing Offshore Marketing Hub Arrangements
10/08/2016 ATO Issues Anti-Avoidance Warnings For Multinationals
03/08/2016 Industry Condemns South Australian 'Punters Tax'
02/08/2016 US Expats Still Giving Up Passports, Green Cards
28/07/2016 Hong Kong Asset Management Sees Slight Fall
22/07/2016 South Africa Revises New Voluntary Disclosure Program
22/07/2016 Nordea Bank Concludes Panama Papers Probe
19/07/2016 Indonesian Expert Group To Monitor Amnesty Program
13/07/2016 EC Begins Panama Papers Inquiry
06/07/2016 European Commission Announces New Anti-Avoidance Measures
04/07/2016 India To Remove Cyprus From Tax Blacklist
28/06/2016 Industry Criticizes South Australian Wagering Tax
22/06/2016 IRS Offshore Disclosure Processes Should Improve: TIGTA
22/06/2016 IRS Reminds US Taxpayers To Report Foreign Accounts
16/06/2016 Aus Serious Financial Crime Taskforce Secures Convictions
13/06/2016 Eight Percent Increase In Serious UK Tax Evasion Cases
08/06/2016 AICPA Urges Extension Of US Anti-Inversion Regs Consultation
08/06/2016 NZ Government Helping Exporters To Use FTAs
06/06/2016 MEPs Agree On Mandate For Panama Papers Inquiry
01/06/2016 UK To Close Property Developer Offshore Tax Loophole
31/05/2016 ASSOCHAM India Seeks Changes To Foreign Tax Credit Rules
23/05/2016 CRA Announces Membership Of Offshore Compliance Committee
18/05/2016 Italy Looks At Re-Opening Voluntary Disclosure Program
18/05/2016 Five States Agree To Adopt New Tax Transparency Standard
17/05/2016 France to Publicize Beneficial Ownership Information
17/05/2016 Australian Party Leaders Trade Blows On Tax
16/05/2016 Norway Encourages Panama Papers Declarations
11/05/2016 New Zealand To Levy GST On Online Purchases
04/05/2016 Morrison Delivers Tax-Heavy Australian Budget
03/05/2016 NZ Inquiry Launched On Foreign Trust Disclosure Rules
03/05/2016 Multilateral Tax Convention Effective In Singapore
03/05/2016 Irish Revenues Grow With Resurgent Economy
28/04/2016 Hong Kong Confirms Its AML, Tax Evasion Procedures
28/04/2016 Czech Republic Increases Transfer Pricing Oversight
19/04/2016 Canada To Adopt Latest Tax Transparency Standard
19/04/2016 South Africa Consults On Voluntary Disclosure Program
19/04/2016 European Parliament To Investigate Panama Papers
15/04/2016 Tax Administrations Discuss Panama Papers Response
13/04/2016 Hungary To Investigate Panama Papers
13/04/2016 Germany Announces 10-Point Tax Evasion Plan
13/04/2016 UK To Fast-Track New Tax Evasion Offense
13/04/2016 Canada To Introduce New Anti-Avoidance Measures
12/04/2016 Nordea Bank Refutes Offshore Evasion Reports
12/04/2016 UK Launches Taskforce To Analyze 'Panama Papers'
12/04/2016 Indonesian FM Pushes For Tax Amnesty Law
11/04/2016 UK Banks Told To Report On Panama Papers Links
11/04/2016 Germany Seeking More Tax Transparency
11/04/2016 Turin Magistrate Starts Italy's Panama Investigation
07/04/2016 South Africa Initiates Investigation Of Panama Accounts
06/04/2016 France Responds To Panama Papers Leak
06/04/2016 NZ Revenue Minister Says Tax Regime Robust
06/04/2016 CRA Asks For Access To Data Leaked In Panama Papers
06/04/2016 Panama Must Put Its House In Order, Says OECD
05/04/2016 HMRC Reviewing 'Panama Papers'
23/03/2016 Banks Appear Before EU TAXE Committee
18/03/2016 India Confirms New PE Rules For Offshore Funds
17/03/2016 Osborne Slashes North Sea Oil, Gas Taxes
16/03/2016 IRS Says Foreign Income Tax Compliance Improving
14/03/2016 Ten Nations Praised For Tax Transparency Improvements
29/02/2016 Tax Info Exchange Legislation Passes Australian Senate
26/02/2016 Australia Planning Further Corporate Tax Avoidance Action
19/02/2016 Isle Of Man Ship Registry's STCW Platform Praised
17/02/2016 IRS Warns On Use Of Tax Shelters
12/02/2016 UK Consultation On Tax And Domicile Changes


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