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Search Results for Offshore in 2013.

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30/12/2013 Kazakhstan Signs OECD Multilateral Tax Convention
31/12/2013 Hong Kong Introduces Bill To Lower Tax For Captive Insurers
27/12/2013 Barbados Looks To Reinforce International Financial Sector
30/12/2013 Italy Confirms Removal Of Foreign Capital Declaration Threshold
27/12/2013 US Court Supports 'Required Records Doctrine'
11/12/2013 Guernsey Launches Aircraft Registry
11/12/2013 Irish Revenue Releases Details Of Tax Settlements
09/12/2013 UK Chancellor Delivers Autumn Statement
05/12/2013 US Treasury Closes Dividend Tax 'Loophole' For Non-US Investors
03/12/2013 Hong Kong Insurance Turnover Rises Significantly
02/12/2013 France, China Intensify Tax Cooperation
03/12/2013 Canada 'Appropriately Managed' Liechtenstein's Tax Info
12/11/2013 Bermuda FM Disputes TJN Tax Report
12/11/2013 Gibraltar Clears EC Probe Of Tax Regime
07/11/2013 Cayman, UK Sign 'FATCA'-type Agreement
08/11/2013 Australian Govt To 'Restore Integrity' In Tax System
08/11/2013 Andorra Signs OECD Mutual Tax Assistance Convention
07/11/2013 France's Conditions For Jersey's Blacklist Removal
30/10/2013 NZ Tax Department Backs OECD BEPS Plan
23/10/2013 DoJ Shuts Down US Tax Preparation Firms
17/10/2013 Jersey Explores The Middle Kingdom
18/10/2013 EU Investigates Gibraltar's Corporate Tax Regime
11/10/2013 Colombia Slaps Charge On Assets Sent To Blacklisted Countries
11/10/2013 EU States' VAT Decisions Under The Microscope
08/10/2013 Gibraltar Execs Protest British Gambling Tax
07/10/2013 Labuan Passes 10,000th Company Milestone
07/10/2013 Bahamas Urges UN To Protect Offshore Financial Services
03/10/2013 Hong Kong Welcomes Launch Of Shanghai FTZ
01/10/2013 Hong Kong Issues Revised Overseas Listing Policies
01/10/2013 Australia Postpones Offshore Tax Changes
25/09/2013 Labuan Reinforces Commitment To International Tax Standards
20/09/2013 KPMG Proposes Changes to UK Online Gambling Tax
20/09/2013 Irish Revenue Explains Taxation Of Employee Benefit Schemes
18/09/2013 IRS Needs To Improve US Tax Gap Estimate
11/09/2013 UK Govt Releases Infographic On Anti-Avoidance Work
09/09/2013 G20 Forging Ahead With Anti-Avoidance Action
02/09/2013 Hong Kong Insurance Premiums Show Sharp Increase
03/09/2013 Bermuda Responds To Tax Blacklisting By France
28/08/2013 Nevis Island Debt Reduced By USD3m In 6 Months
29/08/2013 IFA: Information Exchange
22/08/2013 Generic VAT Unsuitable For The Bahamas
20/08/2013 DIFC, EU To Partner On Audit Sector Oversight
20/08/2013 UK Tackles Gaming Tax Avoidance
12/08/2013 Luxembourg, Switzerland Vie For RMB Crown
12/08/2013 Swiss Regulator Outlines Too Big To Fail Response
09/08/2013 William Hill Considering Action Against Gaming Tax
05/08/2013 San Marino Off Italian Blacklist
24/07/2013 UK Steps Up Pursuit Of Tax Evaders
19/07/2013 ATO Unveils Compliance In Focus Program
19/07/2013 Antigua Announces WTO Remedies
15/07/2013 Barbados PM Says Business Sector Under Threat
12/07/2013 Hong Kong Attracts Start-Up Entrepreneurs
12/07/2013 Antigua's WTO Case Won't Prompt US Reprisal
12/07/2013 BVI Issues Action Plan On Transparency
11/07/2013 US Bill Boosts Antigua And Barbuda's WTO Case
08/07/2013 NZ Revenue Welcomes Anti-Money Laundering Rules
08/07/2013 New Company Record In Hong Kong
03/07/2013 Australia To Reform Offshore Banking Units
02/07/2013 UNCTAD Makes Offshore Recommendations
02/07/2013 HKEx, LME, Beijing Exchange Cooperate On Metal Trading
26/06/2013 Canada To Introduce Rules On Offshore Income
24/06/2013 Bulgaria Promises Action On Offshore Companies
24/06/2013 US Publishes G8 Beneficial Ownership Plan
20/06/2013 OECD Reports To G8 On Global Tax Information Exchange
20/06/2013 G8 Leaders Agree To Tax And Transparency Plans
17/06/2013 Hong Kong Plugs Its Advantages For Private Equity Funds
14/06/2013 UK Water Company Under Fire Over Corporation Tax
14/06/2013 Jersey And Guernsey Write To PM About Tax
13/06/2013 CRA Obtains Tax Avoidance Information
11/06/2013 Italy, San Marino DTA Clears Italian Committees
06/06/2013 Hong Kong Tax Exemption Should Boost Hedge Funds
05/06/2013 US, Ireland Continue Argument Over Apple's Tax Arrangements
31/05/2013 Reinsurer Southport Welcomed In Cayman
31/05/2013 Caribbean Prepares For WTO Trade Policy Review
30/05/2013 Twelve New Signatories To OECD Multilateral Convention
30/05/2013 Jersey Aims To Lock In Sustainable Finances
30/05/2013 UK Taps Manx Expertise In Overseas Territory Review
29/05/2013 US Foreign Reinsurance 'Loophole' Closing Bill Reintroduced
29/05/2013 Austria's 'SoKo' To Tackle Offshore Tax Evasion
28/05/2013 Liechtenstein's Economic Crime Unit Boasts Results
27/05/2013 India Explains Withholding Tax Rationalization Plans
24/05/2013 Study Says US Companies Pay 25% Tax Rate Abroad
24/05/2013 Saint Lucia Budget Lowers Taxes
24/05/2013 Grenada Adapts VAT Regime
23/05/2013 Switzerland, US On Brink Of Banking Secrecy Deal
23/05/2013 France Eyes Reactivation Of Tax Regularization Unit
22/05/2013 Van Rompuy Outlines Ecofin Meeting Agenda
21/05/2013 Financial Services 'Flight To Quality' Favors Jersey
20/05/2013 Hong Kong Consults On Investor Regime Enhancements
20/05/2013 Experts Critical Of Australian Budget
17/05/2013 Ireland To Review Oil And Gas Tax Breaks
17/05/2013 ECOFIN Agrees On Savings Tax Directive
17/05/2013 Guernsey Reiterates Cooperation In Tax Matters
16/05/2013 Swan Unveils Australian Tax System Overhaul
15/05/2013 Tunisia Embarks On Comprehensive Tax Reform
16/05/2013 Africa Panel Wants Tax Transparency
15/05/2013 Jersey Tightens Money Laundering Law
15/05/2013 Guernsey Expands Tax Cooperation Network
14/05/2013 Antigua Reins In Budget Deficit
14/05/2013 US, UK, Australia To Provide Tax Information To Others


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