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Search Results for Ireland in 2017.

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21/07/2017 Irish Committee Calls For WHT For Overseas Artists
18/07/2017 Ireland, EU Still Working On Apple Settlement
17/07/2017 EU Approves Irish Air Tax Exemption
14/07/2017 Irish FinMin Explains Response To Tax Evasion
14/07/2017 Google Wins EUR1.1bn French Back Tax Case
14/07/2017 EU Tax Burden Steady In 2015, At 38.7pc Of GDP
13/07/2017 Irish Gov't Says Limited Funds For Tax Cuts
13/07/2017 Ireland Seeking Post-Brexit Transitional Arrangements
12/07/2017 New Tax Treaties Key To Aircraft Leasing Growth In Hong Kong, Says Report
12/07/2017 Irish Tourism VAT Rate Has 'Done Its Job'
11/07/2017 EU Warns Ireland On Tax Change Under Consideration
07/07/2017 Most Irish SMEs Unconcerned About Brexit
07/07/2017 Ireland's New Finance Minister Seeks USC, PRSI Merger
07/07/2017 Ireland Confident On FDI Prospects
06/07/2017 Irish Retailers Call For VAT Cut
06/07/2017 Help-to-Buy Scheme Pushing Up Irish Property Prices
05/07/2017 Irish Tax Revenues Finally Nearing Target
04/07/2017 CEOs Seek Brexit-Proof Plan For Ireland
30/06/2017 Irish Tax Institute Concerned By Tax Code
29/06/2017 Scotland, Wales May Challenge UK Minority Gov't Deal
28/06/2017 IMF Urges Ireland To Adopt Cautious Fiscal Approach
27/06/2017 UK May Lower Air Duty On Northern Ireland Flights
27/06/2017 Think Tank: No Economic Reason For Irish Tax Cuts
26/06/2017 ESRI: Hard Brexit Could Leave Less Room For Irish Tax Cuts
26/06/2017 EU-UK Free Trade Deal Uncertain, Says UK Brexit Secretary
23/06/2017 Irish Opposition Concerned Over 'Vulnerable' CIT Base
21/06/2017 Irish MEP: EU Unable To Estimate CCCTB Impact
21/06/2017 Ireland Sets Out Stall For Brexit Talks
20/06/2017 UK Confirms It Will Leave EU Single Market Upon Brexit
19/06/2017 UK Begins Brexit Negotiations In Brussels
19/06/2017 Irish Business Sets Out Brexit Wish List
16/06/2017 Google Not Liable For French Back Tax, Says Court Adviser
16/06/2017 Irish Revenue Brings In New Anti-Evasion Staff
15/06/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Taxation Of Dividends From Trading Profits
15/06/2017 Ibec Urges New Irish Gov't To Be Brexit, BEPS Ready
14/06/2017 Irish Legal Professionals Propose Enhancements To Tax Regime
09/06/2017 Ibec: EU CCCTB Would Hit Ireland Hard
07/06/2017 Irish Fiscal Watchdog Warns Over CIT Revenue Volatility
07/06/2017 Ireland Explains BEPS Changes To Its Tax Treaties
01/06/2017 Irish Revenue Says No To Post-Brexit Customs Posts
01/06/2017 Ireland Publishes Tax Appeals Commission Report
31/05/2017 Irish Gov't Helping SMEs Prepare For Brexit
31/05/2017 Irish Firms Lack Expertise To Manage 'New UK Border'
29/05/2017 Firms In High-Tax EU States Support Single EU-Wide Rate
29/05/2017 Confidence Among Irish SMEs Shaky
23/05/2017 EU Warns Ireland Over Tax Base
23/05/2017 European Council Authorizes Brexit Talks
22/05/2017 Alarm After Drop In Irish Revenues, Buoyed Only By VAT
22/05/2017 Ireland Launches Betting Tax Regime Review
18/05/2017 Ireland Extends Tax Break For Investors In SMEs
18/05/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Challenges To Ireland
17/05/2017 North America A Growing Market For Irish Exporters
16/05/2017 Irish Drinks Industry Calls For Excise Duty Reform
16/05/2017 Irish Small Firms: Cut Taxes To Compete With UK
15/05/2017 IMF Calls On Ireland To Expand Tax Base
15/05/2017 Ibec: Brexit Will Increase Competition For Investment
11/05/2017 Finland And UK Top EU Sin Tax Index
08/05/2017 Taxpayers Rush To Use Irish Voluntary Disclosure Regime
05/05/2017 Italy Says Google To Pay EUR306m To Settle Tax Disputes
04/05/2017 Irish Gov't Publishes Its Response To Brexit
03/05/2017 Irish Self-Employed 'Willing To Pay More PRSI'
03/05/2017 Irish Accountants Criticize Tax Agency's Latest Enforcement Drive
01/05/2017 Ryanair Seeking French Tax Refund
28/04/2017 Ireland Extends Deadline For Disclosure Scheme
28/04/2017 Irish Firms Unfazed By US Tax Reform Plans
28/04/2017 Tusk: UK Must Resolve Brexit Issues Before Tax Talk Begins
26/04/2017 Irish Workers Unaware Of Pension Tax Breaks
26/04/2017 Irish SMEs Concerned By Brexit
26/04/2017 Irish Revenue Updates Guidance On VAT On Training Services
20/04/2017 Irish Accountants Respond To Consultation On Landlord Taxation
20/04/2017 Irish Beverage Council Slams Sugary Drinks Tax
17/04/2017 Irish Gov't Considering SME Tax Relief: Report
17/04/2017 Noonan: Too Early To Anticipate Tax Performance For 2017
12/04/2017 Competitiveness Council: Ireland Must Improve Tax Regime
10/04/2017 Noonan: No Country Has Claimed Apple Back Taxes
05/04/2017 UK Companies Impressed By Irish Tax Regime
05/04/2017 Q1 Irish Revenues Fall Behind Target
05/04/2017 Ireland To Review USC Phase Out On Year-By-Year Basis
04/04/2017 Irish Taxes On Individuals Holding Back Entrepreneurship
04/04/2017 Irish Business Concerned By US Tax Reform
30/03/2017 Irish Farmers Call For Free Access To UK Post-Brexit
29/03/2017 Irish Income Tax Regime Relatively Progressive, Report Says
29/03/2017 Report Warns Of Emerging Irish Motor Tax Shortfall
29/03/2017 Luxembourg To Support Ireland In Apple Case
28/03/2017 Irish Revenue Publishes Help To Buy Incentive Statistics
27/03/2017 Irish Leadership Contender Sets Out Tax Cut Plans
21/03/2017 UK Lawmakers Call For Tourism Tax Incentives For N Ireland
21/03/2017 Ireland Seeking Close EU-UK Relationship, Says Noonan
20/03/2017 Taiwan Explains VAT Refunds For Foreign Exhibitors
16/03/2017 Ireland Extends Guide Dog Tax Break
15/03/2017 Food Drink Ireland Calls For Speedy Talks On EU-UK Trade
14/03/2017 Ireland Consults On Taxation Of Rental Income
13/03/2017 Ireland Launches New Trade Strategy
10/03/2017 Ibec: Major Overhaul Of Irish Business Tax Offering Needed
07/03/2017 Wealthiest Irish Taxpayers' Tax Contribution Revealed
06/03/2017 EU Will Take Irish Concerns Over Brexit Into Account
06/03/2017 Irish Citizen Denied US Tax Refund On Gambling Winnings
03/03/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Dual Threats To Ireland
02/03/2017 British Firms Call For Tax Certainty Ahead Of Brexit
28/02/2017 Noonan: Good Case For Irish Income Tax Reform


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