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Search Results for Investment in 2010.

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30/12/2010 Netherlands Notes Tax Agreements' Entry Into Force
30/12/2010 Canada Set For Corporate Tax Cuts
29/12/2010 UAE Discusses Trade Cooperation With Syria
29/12/2010 UK Hong Kong DTA In Force
29/12/2010 Seychelles Economic Outlook 'Favourable'
28/12/2010 Italy's Lower House Approves Tax Reform Motion
28/12/2010 Purchases Over EUR3,600 To Be On Italian Revenue Database
27/12/2010 Deutsche Bank To Pay USD550m Tax Shelter Fine
27/12/2010 Finland's Tax Working Group Presents Final Report
27/12/2010 Australian TOFA Elections Due Date Fast Approaching
24/12/2010 Jersey Finance Industry Grows In Q3
24/12/2010 Australian Government Advised On Resource Taxation
23/12/2010 HSBC Asks Australian Government To Abolish Tax Measures
22/12/2010 Jersey Updates Licensing Of Financial Services
23/12/2010 OECD Recommends Switch In Spanish Tax Burden
22/12/2010 China, EU Discuss Untapped Trade Flow Potential
22/12/2010 Canada Announces Royal Assent To Tax Treaties
22/12/2010 New Zealand Law Commission’s Review Of Trust Law
21/12/2010 India Has Created 10 Overseas Income Tax Units
21/12/2010 FINMA Unveils New Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance
21/12/2010 Australian Government Provides Investment Certainty By Addressing ‘Fin 48’ Issue
20/12/2010 Hong Kong Welcomes Another Ratings Upgrade
20/12/2010 Basel Committee Points Out Future Capital Requirements
20/12/2010 DIFC Cuts Business Costs
17/12/2010 UK Announces Anti Avoidance Measures
16/12/2010 UK To Phase Out VAT Concession On Boats
17/12/2010 Hong Kong's Tax Cuts Good For Business
17/12/2010 US Obtains Further TARP Repayments
17/12/2010 France Adopts 2011 Finance Bill
16/12/2010 Barbados Must Step Up Deficit Cutting Efforts
15/12/2010 MENA Tax Reforms Explored
16/12/2010 South Africa Revises Foreign Investment Limits
14/12/2010 New Zealand Taxation Bill Approved
13/12/2010 Abu Dhabi Relaxes Controls On Real Estate
13/12/2010 Qatar Praised At Tax Seminar
13/12/2010 Australia To Simplify GST Rules On Property
14/12/2010 EU Issues Final Bankers' Remuneration Policy
13/12/2010 Guernsey Issues New Fee Regulations
10/12/2010 IASB Proposes Improvements To Hedge Accounting
13/12/2010 HK Anti-Speculation Measures 'Working' Says Chan
10/12/2010 IoM Preparing For EU Funds Directive
10/12/2010 Luxembourg Adopts 'Crisis Tax'
09/12/2010 TPP Negotiations Continue
10/12/2010 EU Sets Conditions On Irish Loans
09/12/2010 Financial Crisis Hits The Bahamas
09/12/2010 South Korea's Withholding Tax On Bonds Passes First Hurdle
09/12/2010 Ireland's Austerity Budget Approved
09/12/2010 UK Announces Crackdown on Tax Avoidance
09/12/2010 SEC, CFTC Move On US Swap-Related Financial Reforms
07/12/2010 Thailand Readies Tax Breaks For MAI Listings
07/12/2010 Tunisia Adopts 2011 Budget Bill
07/12/2010 IoM Seeks To Develop Funds Regime
06/12/2010 South Africa Publishes Draft Pension Regulations
07/12/2010 IMF Applauds HK's Fiscal And Financial Stability
06/12/2010 Taiwan Looking To Tax Speculative Property Deals
07/12/2010 Noda Would Let Japanese Stock Tax Break Expire
06/12/2010 HK Sends Stamp Duty Proposals To Legislature
06/12/2010 AIT Calls For Clean Slate On US-Taiwan TIFA
02/12/2010 UK Tax Change Lands GBP500m Glaxo Investment
02/12/2010 China Levies Additional Taxes On Foreign Companies
02/12/2010 Hong Kong, New Zealand Sign DTA
01/12/2010 Austria's FM Unveils 2011 Budget Bill
02/12/2010 China Clarifies Share Sale Tax
02/12/2010 PSE-Listed Firms May Lose Tax Breaks
01/12/2010 Tsang Plugs HK's Regulatory Advances
30/11/2010 Philippines To Rationalise Investor Tax Incentives
01/12/2010 EC Targets 'Discriminatory' Belgian Pension Rules
29/11/2010 Jersey Signs TIEAs With Turkey, Mexico
30/11/2010 Guernsey Boasts Booming Funds Industry
29/11/2010 HK Readies Further Property Measures
26/11/2010 Barbados Announces Tax Incentives For Business
29/11/2010 Jersey Questions EU Tax Review
26/11/2010 ICMA Consults On Standards For Sovereign Bond Issues
26/11/2010 US TARP Repayments Top USD250bn
25/11/2010 Middle East Easiest Place To Pay Taxes
25/11/2010 Time For Tax Reform, Say Italian Companies
25/11/2010 IoM Holds London Funds Briefing
24/11/2010 Swiss Bankers Welcome AIFM Directive
24/11/2010 HK, China Cooperate On Sovereign Bond Issues
23/11/2010 Guernsey Fund Sets Up Regional Headquarters In HK
22/11/2010 Mauritius Unveils 2011 Budget
23/11/2010 SEC Sets New Rules For Hedge Fund Advisers
23/11/2010 HK Raises Property Tax
22/11/2010 New Zealand Mulls Savings Tax Reforms
22/11/2010 Standard And Poor's Downgrades Cyprus
22/11/2010 South Korea To Reinstate Withholding Tax On Bonds
22/11/2010 Irish CIT Rate 'Non-Negotiable'
22/11/2010 French Assembly Adopts 2011 Budget Bill
19/11/2010 Sarkozy Eyes New Tax On Wealth
19/11/2010 IMF Formulating Fiscal Plan For Indebted Caribbean
19/11/2010 SEC, CESR To Cooperate On Regulatory Reform
18/11/2010 SEC, FSA Hold Strategic Dialogue
18/11/2010 Chan Plugs HK's Financial Centre Credentials In London
18/11/2010 Multinationals Fear Irish CIT Hike
17/11/2010 Updated NZ, US DTA Now In Force
17/11/2010 France Makes Tax Top Priority
15/11/2010 Ukraine Calls For Conclusion Of New Cypriot DTA
16/11/2010 Jersey Welcomes AIFM Compromise
15/11/2010 Luxembourg Opens HK Funds Office
15/11/2010 NZ Taxpayers Warned Over GST Claims


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