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Search Results for International Tax in 2017.

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27/06/2017 Americans For Tax Reform Backs Airport Tax Bill
27/06/2017 UK May Lower Air Duty On Northern Ireland Flights
27/06/2017 Think Tank: No Economic Reason For Irish Tax Cuts
27/06/2017 OECD Issues Further Action 7, Action 8-10 BEPS Guidance
27/06/2017 New Zealand Gov't 'Committed To Lower Income Taxes'
27/06/2017 New EU Rules On Money Laundering, Tax-Avoidance In Force
27/06/2017 IRS Told To Improve Identity Theft Protections For Taxpayers
27/06/2017 EU Approves Swedish Employee Share Option Tax Break
27/06/2017 Czech Coalition Parties Split On Future Tax Policy
27/06/2017 Canada Disappointed By Latest US Anti-Dumping Duties
26/06/2017 Denmark Should Lower Tax Burden, Says IMF
26/06/2017 ESRI: Hard Brexit Could Leave Less Room For Irish Tax Cuts
26/06/2017 EU Presidency Confirms CbC Reporting Regime Changes
26/06/2017 US May Extend Nuclear Power Tax Credit
26/06/2017 Philippines Says VAT Rate Cut On The Horizon
26/06/2017 Paraguay Senate Approves Soya Bean Tax
26/06/2017 OECD Says New Zealand Should Cut Corporate Tax Burden
26/06/2017 Indian GST Portal Reopens For Registrations
26/06/2017 EU-UK Free Trade Deal Uncertain, Says UK Brexit Secretary
23/06/2017 US House Passes Mobile Workforce Tax Simplification Bill
23/06/2017 Turnbull Comments On South Australia's Bank Tax Plan
23/06/2017 Switzerland Publishes Tax System Guidance
23/06/2017 Scottish Parliament Approves Air Departure Tax
23/06/2017 Jersey Proposes Infrastructure Levy
23/06/2017 Irish Opposition Concerned Over 'Vulnerable' CIT Base
23/06/2017 Iceland To Cut Top VAT Rate
23/06/2017 Australia Legislates For Wine Equalization Tax Rebate Reform
23/06/2017 Colombia Announces Initiative To Tackle Tax Evaders
23/06/2017 Hong Kong Gazettes Funds Tax Exemption Bill
22/06/2017 Switzerland Consults On Customs Cooperation With US
22/06/2017 IRS Begins Reissuing PTINs Without Charge
22/06/2017 Hong Kong To Automatically Exchange Tax Info With 75 States
22/06/2017 Future UK Tax Policy Uncertain, As May Focuses On Brexit
22/06/2017 EU Announces New Transparency Rules For Tax Advisors
22/06/2017 Chile Boasts Rise In Voluntary Corporate Tax Compliance
22/06/2017 Australian Bankers Criticize New Provincial Levy Plan
22/06/2017 ATO Issues Warning On Incorrect Deductions
22/06/2017 Another Australian State To Levy Foreign Buyers Tax
22/06/2017 100 Nations Now Party To BEPS Inclusive Framework
21/06/2017 Seychelles Encouraged To Hike Taxes On Tourism Services Firms
21/06/2017 Ryan Hopeful US Tax Reform Is Possible This Year
22/06/2017 New Zealand To Report Significant Tax Debts To Credit Agencies
21/06/2017 Mexico Rules Out Its Own Response To US Tax Reform Plan
21/06/2017 Australia Delays Low-Value Goods GST Reform To 2018
21/06/2017 Grenada Launches Stamp Tax Amnesty
21/06/2017 India's GST Approved By All But One State
21/06/2017 Irish MEP: EU Unable To Estimate CCCTB Impact
21/06/2017 MEPs Call For Tougher Anti-Dumping Rules
20/06/2017 Australian Senate Passes Bank Levy
20/06/2017 US Taxpayers' Input Sought On Tax Reform
20/06/2017 Canada Cracking Down On Real Estate Tax Evasion
20/06/2017 New Zealand Government To Simplify Personal Income Tax
20/06/2017 Swiss Federal Council Adopts Dispatch On AEOI
20/06/2017 Australia Tightens GST Rules For Precious Metal
20/06/2017 UK Confirms It Will Leave EU Single Market Upon Brexit
20/06/2017 Canadian FMs Discuss Taxation Of Cannabis
20/06/2017 Singapore Updates Two GST Guides
19/06/2017 Countries Urged To Sign Up To Mandatory Binding Arbitration
19/06/2017 Belize Should Increase Consumption Taxes: IMF
19/06/2017 EU Closes Investigation Into Finnish Car Tax
19/06/2017 Irish Business Sets Out Brexit Wish List
19/06/2017 Japan Urged To Adopt 15 Percent VAT Rate
19/06/2017 New Zealand Extends Tax Relief To Earthquake Victims
19/06/2017 Nigeria To Sign OECD's Multilateral Tax Treaty Instrument
19/06/2017 UK Begins Brexit Negotiations In Brussels
19/06/2017 UK Tax Burden To Rise, Chancellor Confirms
16/06/2017 Mexico Sees Drop In Tax Non-Compliance
16/06/2017 MEPs Seek Stronger Tax Rules For Sharing Economy
16/06/2017 Irish Revenue Brings In New Anti-Evasion Staff
16/06/2017 Google Not Liable For French Back Tax, Says Court Adviser
16/06/2017 Concern After Uptick In UK Tax Credit Errors
16/06/2017 Canadian MPs Recommend Changes To Media Taxation
16/06/2017 Brazil May Slash Top Individual Income Tax Rate
16/06/2017 Aruba Urged To Reform Indirect Tax Regime
16/06/2017 ECJ Rules On Definition Of Sport For VAT Purposes
15/06/2017 Brazil's Senate Consults On Import Tax Exemption Proposal
15/06/2017 Austrian Parliament Approves BEPS Convention
15/06/2017 Australia To Reform Taxation Of Charitable Donations
15/06/2017 Argentinian Top-Rate Taxpayers Given Filing Extension
15/06/2017 Dutch Probe Into Intellectual Property Tax Avoidance
15/06/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Taxation Of Dividends From Trading Profits
15/06/2017 Saudi To Hike Taxes On Expat Workers
15/06/2017 Venture Capital Firms Seek Bangladeshi Tax Holidays
14/06/2017 Irish Legal Professionals Propose Enhancements To Tax Regime
14/06/2017 Germany Counts Cost Of Securities Tax Refund Scandal
14/06/2017 Gibraltar-Based Firms Fail In UK Gambling Tax Challenge
14/06/2017 Catalonia To Raise EUR40m From Sugar Tax
14/06/2017 Canada, UK Cooperate In Anti-VAT Fraud Sting
14/06/2017 Luxembourg Seeks Double Tax Deal With Cuba
14/06/2017 Pacific Countries Sign PACER Plus Deal
14/06/2017 SARS Guides Non-Executive Directors On VAT Obligations
14/06/2017 Tax Incentives Announced In Mauritius Budget
27/06/2017 US Expected To Cut Aviation Taxes As Part Of ATC Reform
27/06/2017 Peru Announces July Deadline For Tax Debt Amnesty Scheme
27/06/2017 NZ Foreign Trust Numbers Expected To Fall
27/06/2017 MEPs Back New Double Tax Dispute Resolution Rules
27/06/2017 Italy Should Continue Indirect Tax Shift, Says IMF
27/06/2017 India Retains Transfer Pricing 'Tolerable Limit'
27/06/2017 Guatemala Makes Leap Forward On Tax Transparency
27/06/2017 EU Pressing Ahead With CbC Reporting Proposals


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