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Search Results for International Tax in 2015.

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30/12/2015 China Urged To Tax Its Way Out Of Smoking 'Pandemic'
30/12/2015 China Extends Tax-Free Shopping Incentive
30/12/2015 UK Consults On Stamp Duty Land Tax Reforms
30/12/2015 Transitional Rules Released For EU's New Customs Code
30/12/2015 US Collects USD1bn In Swiss Bank Program Penalties
30/12/2015 S Korea Adds To Preferential Tariff List For 2016
30/12/2015 IRS Extends Obamacare Reporting Requirements
30/12/2015 Canadian Taxpayers Federation Calculates New Year Tax Benefits
30/12/2015 Costa Rica Bridging Its Fiscal Gap
29/12/2015 US Commerce Dept Adds To Imported Steel Duties
29/12/2015 Major Changes To Czech VAT Requirements From Jan 1
29/12/2015 Fianna Fáil Makes Irish Election Tax Pledges
29/12/2015 Tax Institutes Publish Guidance On CTA Licensing
29/12/2015 Ukrainian Lawmakers Pass 2016 Budget
29/12/2015 UK Landlords To Launch Legal Challenge Against New Taxes
29/12/2015 Barbados To Go Ahead With Cellphone Levy
29/12/2015 Taiwan's Outgoing Property Tax Revenue Disappoints
29/12/2015 Tunisia Now Fiscally Transparent, Says World Bank
28/12/2015 India Will Fail To Introduce GST On Schedule
28/12/2015 S Korea, China To Cooperate On Carbon Taxation
28/12/2015 Italian Parliament Passes 2016 Budget
28/12/2015 New Guide On Tax Residency For UK Insurance, Financial Firms
28/12/2015 IRS Reduces 2016 Business Mileage Rates
28/12/2015 UK Hails Record Year For Film Industry Tax Relief
28/12/2015 Ireland Issues Brief On EU Savings Taxation
28/12/2015 IRS Needs Better Controls Over Fraudulent Refunds: TIGTA
28/12/2015 UK Praises Results Of High-End TV Tax Relief
23/12/2015 US Bill Proposes State Wireless Tax Moratorium
23/12/2015 Switzerland, Italy Agree Tax Deal For Cross-Border Workers
23/12/2015 EU, Philippines Launch FTA Talks
23/12/2015 US FIRPTA Real Estate Tax Reforms Welcomed
23/12/2015 Jafza Home To 10 Percent More Indian Firms
23/12/2015 HMRC: UK Taxpayers Should Be Wary During Tax Filing Season
23/12/2015 Strong Canadian Revenues Bring Deficit Down
23/12/2015 Philippines, Germany Update Tax Treaty
23/12/2015 Mexico Announces Duties On Chinese Cookware Imports
23/12/2015 Greenland Commits To Automatic Information Exchange
21/12/2015 IRS Issues Updated US Expatriate Tax Guide
22/12/2015 US 2016 Tax Season To Open On January 19
22/12/2015 EC: Greece Should Better Target Tonnage Tax
22/12/2015 SARS Explains 2015 Tax Administration Amendments
22/12/2015 ATO Releases Corporate Tax Data
22/12/2015 Increase In Tax Penalties Issued To UK Financial Directors
22/12/2015 No Agreement At EU-Ukraine DCFTA Talks
22/12/2015 Funds Authorized Under HK-China Mutual Recognition
22/12/2015 NAO Reports On HMRC's Response To Tax Fraud
21/12/2015 US Congress Passes Huge Fiscal Package
21/12/2015 Concerns Raised Over HMRC's Digitization Project
21/12/2015 China Sets Guidelines On FTA Expansion
21/12/2015 OECD Recommends Revenue Raising Measures For South Africa
21/12/2015 Australia Implements Single Touch Payroll
21/12/2015 Italian 2014 Tax Evasion Estimated At Over EUR120bn
21/12/2015 Swiss Federal Council Rules On Tax Status Of Fines And Bribes
21/12/2015 UK Extends IHT Exemption For WW2 Victims
21/12/2015 Irish SMEs Hope For Reduced Tax Burden In 2016
22/12/2015 Irish Taxpayers' After-Tax Income Up Following 2016 Budget
18/12/2015 Clinton Supports Buffett Rule
18/12/2015 Scotland To Retain Personal Tax Rate, Despite New Powers
18/12/2015 WTO's Trade Facilitation Pact Nearer Implementation
18/12/2015 US Commerce Puts New Duties On Imported Steel
18/12/2015 Australia Launches Pre-Budget Consultations
18/12/2015 HMRC Replaces Guidance On VAT On Food
18/12/2015 EU To Extend Minimum 15 Percent VAT Rate
18/12/2015 WTO Members Approve Terms Of Liberia's Membership
18/12/2015 China, Georgia Launch FTA Negotiations
18/12/2015 NZ Welcomes New Int'l IT Product Free Trade Deal
17/12/2015 WTO Members Agree Timetable For Cutting IT Tariffs
17/12/2015 Japan Agrees 2016 Tax Package
17/12/2015 CBI Sets Out UK Corporation Tax Roadmap
17/12/2015 Phlippines Ratifies Tax Treaties
17/12/2015 France Agrees To Cut 'Tampon Tax'
17/12/2015 Australia To Study Single Australian Business Number Plan
17/12/2015 Hong Kong May Need Stamp Duty Cut: IMF
17/12/2015 Belgium Praised For Lowering Labor Tax Wedge
17/12/2015 Fitch Release On US Water Utilities
16/12/2015 India Seeks To Reduce Tax Litigation
16/12/2015 Malaysia's GST Declared A Success
16/12/2015 Mexico Enacts CbC Reporting Regime
16/12/2015 UK Launches Personal Tax Accounts
16/12/2015 UK Eyeing National Insurance Reforms
16/12/2015 EC Extends Investigation Into Apple Tax Deal
16/12/2015 South Africa's New FM Promises Prudent Fiscal Policy
16/12/2015 Meaningful, Lasting Reforms Needed In Sri Lanka: IMF
16/12/2015 Proposals Put Forward To Replace Scottish Council Tax
15/12/2015 VAT On Temporary Employment Agencies Cast Into Doubt
15/12/2015 Australian Tax Board Releases MNE Tax Transparency Code
15/12/2015 Japan Agrees Scope Of Reduced Sales Tax Rate
15/12/2015 HMRC To Proceed With 'Facilitating Evasion' Offense
15/12/2015 HK-Mainland Cooperation Committee Proposes Tax Break
15/12/2015 Impact Of New UK Landlord SDLT Calculated
15/12/2015 Macau, Taiwan Sign Aviation DTA
15/12/2015 IMF Calls For More Neutral UK Tax System
14/12/2015 Cyprus, Ukraine Agree To Replace Temporary DTA
14/12/2015 S Korea, EU Confirm Full FTA Implementation
14/12/2015 Ireland Urged To 'Ringfence' High Corporate Tax Revenues
14/12/2015 SARS Combats High-Risk Sector Non-Compliance
14/12/2015 Coca Cola May Quit India Over Sin Tax
14/12/2015 SARS Issues Its First Capital Gains Tax Guide
14/12/2015 UK Property Bodies Call For Business Rates Reform
14/12/2015 Ghana Introduces New Income Tax Law


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