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Search Results for International Tax in 2004.

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31/12/2004 US Treasury Issues Guidance On Shipping Tax
31/12/2004 Single Market Compliance Ceremony To Coincide With Opening Of Caricom HQ
31/12/2004 Inland Revenue Broadens Tax Net On Offshore Trusts
31/12/2004 Fraudster's Wife Cleared Of Wrongdoing In Key Tax Case
31/12/2004 VoIP Firms Welcome Minnesota Regulation Ruling
31/12/2004 Kazakh Authorities Accuse Soros Foundation Of Tax Evasion
31/12/2004 International Firms Warned Against UK By Tax Advisers
31/12/2004 A Very Happy Holiday To All Our Readers
30/12/2004 Protocol Amending US-Netherlands Tax Treaty Enters Into Force
30/12/2004 Irish Government Planning To Hire Consultants To Examine Tax Shelters
30/12/2004 Tax Reform Drops Down Bush’s List Of Priorities
30/12/2004 Tories Pledge To Slash UK Capital Gains Tax
30/12/2004 VimpelCom Issued With Claim For Additional Back Taxes
30/12/2004 Chidambaram Hints At Major Tax Reforms On The Way For India
30/12/2004 China Plans To Revamp Regulations And Tax Rules For QFIIs
30/12/2004 Kremlin Adviser Condemns State Buyout Of Yukos
30/12/2004 Germany Planning To Equalise Corporate Tax Levels, Report Suggests
30/12/2004 China Increases Export Tax Rebate For Hi Tech Products
29/12/2004 US Government Wins Major Tax Shelter Case
29/12/2004 India To Ease Tax Burden In Key Industrial Sectors
29/12/2004 CARICOM Set To Open Its Doors In 2005
29/12/2004 BVI Assembly Passes New Business Companies Act
29/12/2004 Malta Poised To Become Successful E-Gaming Centre
29/12/2004 Australian MPs Call For More Tax Cuts
28/12/2004 German Finance Court Set To Decide Against Share Tax
28/12/2004 EU Commission Orders Sweden To Amend Pension Tax Legislation
28/12/2004 Germany To Impose Copyright Levy On PCs
28/12/2004 Gazprom Emerges As Eventual Owner Of Yuganskneftegaz
27/12/2004 IRS Expands Pre-Filing Agreement For Large Business
27/12/2004 Caribbean-Based Hedge Funds Lap Up US Treasuries
27/12/2004 EU May Approve Transitional Tax Regime For Gibraltar In New Year
27/12/2004 US-Bahrain Free Trade Pact To Be Ratified In Early 2005
27/12/2004 Irish Labour Party Calls For Tougher Stance On Tax Evasion
24/12/2004 Turkey Set To Cut Corporate And Personal Income Taxes
24/12/2004 New Deferred Compensation Rules Given Broad Welcome By US Business
24/12/2004 UK Securitisation Market Under Threat From New Tax Rules
24/12/2004 Mobile Phone Firms Compromise With Germany Over VAT Refunds
24/12/2004 A Very Happy Holiday To All Our Readers
23/12/2004 Putin Sheds Some Light On Yukos Buyer
23/12/2004 Greece And Hungary To Face EC Proceedings Over Euro Rules Violations
23/12/2004 IMF Warns That UK Government May Need To Increase Taxes
23/12/2004 Ontario Seeks To Lure Back Movie Producers With Added Tax Breaks
22/12/2004 Mauritius Fails To Re-Negotiate DTA With Indonesia
22/12/2004 Italy In Hot Water With EC Over Failure To Notify
22/12/2004 Parliamentary Committee Calls for Cuts In Canadian Corporate Tax
22/12/2004 Seven EU Member States In Breach Of European VAT Law
22/12/2004 China To Tax Metal Exports
22/12/2004 US And Barbados Exchange Amended Tax Treaty Ratification Instruments
22/12/2004 US Treasury And IRS Issue Guidance On Deferred Compensation
21/12/2004 Update Of Indo-Japanese Tax Treaty To Boost India’s Software Exporters
21/12/2004 US Justice Department Drops Civil Complaint Against Xelan
21/12/2004 Treasury & IRS Amend Regulations To Promote Ethical Tax Practices By Professionals
21/12/2004 FASB Unveils Deadline For Stock Option Expensing
21/12/2004 SVG To Introduce Mobile Phone Tax
20/12/2004 Bush Slams Rise Of Frivolous Lawsuits
20/12/2004 Treasury & IRS Tighten Regulations Surrounding ESOP Plans
20/12/2004 European Audit Situation Is 'Timebomb', Says EU Official
20/12/2004 EC Clamps Down On Tax Breaks For Italian Firms Participating In Trade Fairs
20/12/2004 VimpelCom Facing Additional Tax Demand
20/12/2004 Dramatic Close To Yukos Auction
20/12/2004 Italian Senate Passes Amended 2005 Budget
20/12/2004 Customs Official To Lead New UK Anti-Tax Avoidance Drive
20/12/2004 Australia To Simplify Self-Assessment Filing System
20/12/2004 Venture Capitalists Show Enthusiasm For Chinese Market
17/12/2004 Curative Petition Dismissed By Indian Supreme Court In Mauritius Tax Dispute
17/12/2004 EU To Delay Lifting Of Tariffs On US Goods
17/12/2004 John Snow Stresses Bush Administration's Commitment To Tax Reform
17/12/2004 America’s Small Firms Say They Need A Simpler Tax System
17/12/2004 Swiss Parliament Approves Savings Tax Measure
17/12/2004 Doubt Shrouds Link Reit After Court’s Decision
17/12/2004 UK Government’s IFRS Transitional Tax Arrangements Attract Criticism
17/12/2004 EU Commission Challenges French Tax Scheme
16/12/2004 US Accounting Regulator Plans To Restrict Tax Work By Auditors
16/12/2004 China To Raise Income Tax Standard Deduction Level
16/12/2004 Israel Signs Tax Agreements With Belgium And Luxembourg
16/12/2004 Decision On Transitional Regime For Gibraltar Exempt Companies Expected Early Next Year
16/12/2004 Irish Budget Stamp Duty Measure Fuels House Price Inflation
16/12/2004 BVI 2005 Budget Delivered
15/12/2004 EC Suspends Disciplinary Proceedings Against France And Germany
15/12/2004 Bush Will Likely Opt For Gradual Tax Reform, Says Goldman Sachs
15/12/2004 Japan’s LDP Agrees To Halve Income Tax Cuts
15/12/2004 New Foreign Tax Credit Guidelines On The Cards For Indian Firms
15/12/2004 Cyprus And Singapore Vie With Mauritius For Position As Indian Gateway
15/12/2004 Israeli Lawmakers Approve Tax Cut On Foreign Securities
15/12/2004 Report Highlights Opportunities For Ireland In Global Financial Services
15/12/2004 Cayman Islands Extend Reduced Import Taxes For Reconstruction Equipment
15/12/2004 UK Employers May Face Additional Regulation Over Pension Provision
15/12/2004 China Pledges To Tax Its Own Textile Exports
15/12/2004 Investors Run To The Forests For Protection Against Stock Downturns
14/12/2004 NAO Figures Reveal 66% Increase In IHT Application
14/12/2004 Jersey Chamber Reconsidering Sales Tax Support
14/12/2004 ABI Forces Government Climbdown Over Tax Change Consultation
14/12/2004 US Treasury To Publish Deferred Compensation Guidance
14/12/2004 US Business Has ‘Little Appetite’ For Tax Reform
14/12/2004 India Seeks Review Of DTA With Mauritius
14/12/2004 SAARC Members Agree To Multilateral Tax Initiative
14/12/2004 FICCI Calls For All Services To Be Brought Into Tax Net
14/12/2004 Norwegian Government Intervenes In VimpelCom Tax Dispute
14/12/2004 New Tory Government Would Cut UK Taxes Within Weeks
14/12/2004 Report Predicts Bright Future For Global Wealth Management Industry


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