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Search Results for International Law in 2017.

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17/02/2017 IRS Begins To Release Delayed Tax Refunds
16/02/2017 UK Disabled Drivers Face New VAT Hit 'Unduly,' Charity Says
16/02/2017 Brazil To Refund Late Payment Charge To Tax Amnesty Users
15/02/2017 Airbnb To Collect More French Tourist Taxes
14/02/2017 IRS Improving Detection Of Fraudulent Tax Returns
14/02/2017 Freelancers Challenges IFS Report On Self Employment Taxes
13/02/2017 UAE Confirms Details For VAT From January 2018
13/02/2017 Investors Call For Greater Corporate Tax Transparency
13/02/2017 Republican Group Proposes US Carbon Tax
10/02/2017 AMCHAM Ireland Backs Govt's Appeal In Apple State Aid Case
10/02/2017 Australia Passes 'Fairer Tax' Reforms
10/02/2017 Italy Collects Record Anti-Tax Evasion Revenue In 2016
10/02/2017 US Bill To Give Aircraft Management Services Tax Break
09/02/2017 Campaign Begins To Lobby For FATCA Repeal
09/02/2017 EU Presidency Pushing BEPS Agenda
09/02/2017 Myanmar Must Double Tax Collections: IMF
09/02/2017 SARS Rules On Funding Of Trade Associations
09/02/2017 US Congress Receives Flexible, Tax-Free Savings Bill
08/02/2017 HMRC's Tax Fraud Unit Secured USD6bn In 2016
08/02/2017 Ireland Updates Guidance On Tax Ruling Info Exchange
08/02/2017 UK Court Shuts Down Adult Entertainment VAT 'Loophole'
08/02/2017 Permanency Urged For US New Markets Tax Credit
06/02/2017 Irish FinMin Guides On New Beneficial Ownership Rule
06/02/2017 UK MNE Tax Compliance Yield Dips 'Temporarily'
03/02/2017 Jaitley Delivers India's 2017-18 Budget
03/02/2017 IRS Concern Over Payroll Info Scam Developments
01/02/2017 Kuwait Considering Higher Taxes On Foreign Residents
01/02/2017 Firms Anticipate Rise In TP Controversy Post BEPS
31/01/2017 OECD Progresses With MAP Peer Review Work
31/01/2017 IRS Should Now Have Employers' Information Forms
30/01/2017 SARS Issues PBO Tax Exemption Guide
30/01/2017 Hong Kong Gazettes Stamp Duty Hike Amendment
30/01/2017 Bills Reintroduced To Repeal US Estate Tax
26/01/2017 Australian Gov't Tackling Super Guarantee Non-Compliance
26/01/2017 Brady Plugs Republican Tax Reform, Obamacare Repeal
26/01/2017 Study Shows Impact Of US Foreign Reinsurance Bill
26/01/2017 Greece, US Sign FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement
25/01/2017 Brexit Ruling Could Be 'Damaging For Taxpayers'
25/01/2017 US Bill Would Subject Trump's Tariffs To Congressional Approval
25/01/2017 OECD Releases Draft TP Toolkit For Developing Nations
24/01/2017 Trump's 1st Executive Order Pulls US Out Of TPP
23/01/2017 Bahrain, US Sign FATCA Agreement
23/01/2017 The Philippines Pursuing Tax Reform
20/01/2017 UK Commits To Improving Tax Industry, Taxpayer Engagement
20/01/2017 Tax Foundation Studies US Pass-Through Tax Reform
20/01/2017 Seychelles Issues Corporate Social Responsibility Tax Guide
24/01/2017 Hong Kong Eyeing Policies To Boost Growth
24/01/2017 US Congress Receives Savings Tax Incentive Bill
24/01/2017 IRS Issues Final Regulations On REIT Spin-Offs
18/01/2017 Egypt Confirms VAT Hike This Year
18/01/2017 Israel Welcomes Tax Info On Israelis in US
17/01/2017 UK Urged To Delay Making Tax Digital Plans
16/01/2017 Ireland Releases VAT Notes On Finance Act 2016
16/01/2017 India-Japan Agree New Advance Pricing Agreement
16/01/2017 France Right In Requesting USD1.1bn From UBS, Says ECHR
16/01/2017 ECJ AG Proposes Landmark EU VAT Ruling On Penalties
13/01/2017 Hong Kong Consults On Beneficial Ownership Plans
13/01/2017 US Congress Receives Bill To Cancel CEO Tax Breaks
12/01/2017 USITC Accepting Comments On Tariff Cut Petitions
12/01/2017 Singapore Updates Transfer Pricing Guidance
11/01/2017 US Taxpayer Advocate Calls For Simpler Tax Code
11/01/2017 EU Presses Ahead With Single Market Improvements
11/01/2017 India Constitutes BEPS Committee
11/01/2017 ATO Explains New Precious Metals Industry GST Reverse Charge
12/01/2017 UK Heading For 'Hard Brexit,' May Hints
09/01/2017 Four CIS Nations Agree To Ease Customs Oversight
09/01/2017 Peru To Reduce VAT Rate In July
09/01/2017 UK Couples Failing To Claim Available Tax Break: HMRC
09/01/2017 IRS Guides On Delay To Some 2017 Tax Refunds
09/01/2017 Three More Nations Commit To BEPS Minimum Standards
06/01/2017 Hong Kong Needs Measured BEPS Response: Report
05/01/2017 Pro-Brexit Business Leaders Seek EU Firms' Support On Trade
05/01/2017 Oman Hikes Airport Tax, Announces Tax Reforms
05/01/2017 Kosovo Reminds Of VAT Inventory Requirement
05/01/2017 India, Singapore Revise Tax Treaty
04/01/2017 IRS Guides On Professional Employer Organization Status
04/01/2017 USD5.6bn Declared Through Argentinian Tax Amnesty So Far
04/01/2017 Relaunched Italian Tax Amnesty In Operation
03/01/2017 US Justice Dept Completes Swiss Bank Program
03/01/2017 UK Introduces New Penalties For Tax Evasion 'Enablers'
03/01/2017 Taxpayers Federation Condemns Ontario Carbon Price
02/01/2017 No Tax On Second Houses In Vietnam In 2017
02/01/2017 Taiwan's VAT On Online Retailers Becomes Law


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