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Search Results for International Law in 2013.

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30/12/2013 Kazakhstan Signs OECD Multilateral Tax Convention
31/12/2013 UK TV Tax Breaks Lure ABC
31/12/2013 USTR Reports To Congress On China's WTO Compliance
31/12/2013 Italy Stops Cash Payments in 2014 To Combat Tax Evasion
31/12/2013 Hong Kong Introduces Bill To Lower Tax For Captive Insurers
30/12/2013 Tax Evasion Hits Developing Countries
30/12/2013 Vodafone Publishes Tax Contribution Data
30/12/2013 US Reinstates Mali's AGOA Benefits
30/12/2013 Taiwan Concerned At Non-Declaration Of Property Income
30/12/2013 Swiss Industry Seeks "Institutional Development" Of EU Accords
30/12/2013 Italy Confirms Removal Of Foreign Capital Declaration Threshold
27/12/2013 US Court Supports 'Required Records Doctrine'
27/12/2013 HMRC Wins Tax Avoidance Scheme Appeal
26/12/2013 HMRC 'Loses Nerve' In Face Of Multinationals
25/12/2013 EU Council Approves VAT Derogation For Poland
25/12/2013 Swiss Report Champions Simplified VAT
26/12/2013 Germany's Grand Coalition Blocks Pension Contribution Cut
25/12/2013 French Steering Committee Begins Work On Tax Reform
27/12/2013 Netherlands Eyes Key Changes To Financial Market Rules In 2014
24/12/2013 South African Employment Tax Incentive Signed Into Law
24/12/2013 US Treasury Inspector Reviews 2013 Filing Season
24/12/2013 Switzerland Consults On Financial Market Infrastructure Act
20/12/2013 Chinese Circular Addresses Foreign Importers' VAT Woes
20/12/2013 UK Amends Rules On Manufacturers' Refunds
20/12/2013 Belgian Lawmakers Wave Through 2014 Budget
23/12/2013 Netherlands Signs IGA FATCA Agreement
23/12/2013 NGOs Tell EU To Tackle Tax-Related Capital Flight
19/12/2013 Swiss Federal Council Rejects Inheritance Tax Initiative
19/12/2013 Egypt's Mansour Facilitates Tax Dispute Resolution
19/12/2013 DIFC Amends Company Law
19/12/2013 Germany's Dobrindt Eyes Car Toll In 2014
19/12/2013 EC Proposes Common Approach To Customs Violations
19/12/2013 Belgium Paves Way For 'Additional Regional Tax'
17/12/2013 Belgium Modifies "Living Bonus" Tax Break
17/12/2013 German Banks Challenge French And Italian FTT
16/12/2013 US Aviation Industry Attacks TSA Tax Hike
13/12/2013 IMF Looks For Further Increase In Kenyan Tax Revenues
16/12/2013 India Releases Nokia's Assets
12/12/2013 Croatia Proposes Amendments To VAT Rates
13/12/2013 EU's FTT Plans Deeply Flawed, Lords Say
13/12/2013 IRS Advisers Recommend Delaying FATCA To 2015
12/12/2013 TPP Misses End-Year Deadline
11/12/2013 Guernsey Launches Aircraft Registry
12/12/2013 ECJ Rules On Irish, French and Italian Excise Duty Exemptions
10/12/2013 German Industry Seeks Action To Combat Fiscal Drift
10/12/2013 France Strengthens Video Game Tax Break
09/12/2013 EU Advances Trade Relationships With Georgia & Moldova
06/12/2013 German Union Rules Out Regional Inheritance Taxes
09/12/2013 French Court Validates Most Of Anti-Tax Fraud Law
09/12/2013 IMF Looks For Bangladesh To Bolster Revenue Collection
06/12/2013 Reform Of Irish Revenue Rules 'The Right Thing To Do'
09/12/2013 UK Chancellor Delivers Autumn Statement
05/12/2013 US Treasury Closes Dividend Tax 'Loophole' For Non-US Investors
05/12/2013 India Holds Tax Talks With Vodafone
05/12/2013 Switzerland Agrees Next Steps For Tax Compliance
04/12/2013 Italian Senate Approves Changes To 2014 Budget
04/12/2013 US Supreme Court Refuses To Rule On 'Amazon Tax'
03/12/2013 PwC Explores Osborne's Autumn Statement Options
02/12/2013 IoM Registry Preparing Maritime Law Amendments
03/12/2013 US Signs FATCA Agreements With Cayman Islands, Costa Rica
03/12/2013 Italy Finally Able To Cancel Second 2013 IMU Payment
03/12/2013 Commission Tightens EU Corporate Tax Rules
02/12/2013 Tax Avoidance Tops List Of UK Business Concerns
29/11/2013 South Africa Sees Further Rise In Tax Returns
02/12/2013 Luxembourg's Incoming Government Opposes EU FTT
29/11/2013 US Treasury, IRS Issue Guidance For Tax-Exempt Entities
29/11/2013 Germany's New Grand Coalition Rules Out Tax Rises
29/11/2013 CII Calls On India To Stabilize Tax Regime
28/11/2013 Swiss Ordinance On Abusive Remuneration Is "Practicable"
27/11/2013 Liechtenstein Signs OECD Multilateral Tax Convention
28/11/2013 Legislation 'Brings Clarity' To NZ Tax Rules
27/11/2013 US Accountants Look For Early Decision On Tax Extenders
27/11/2013 Netherlands Welcomes Court Ruling On Business Succession Tax Break
27/11/2013 Switzerland Rules Out Replacing VAT With Energy Levy
27/11/2013 Belgium Unveils Cornerstones Of Savings Tax Reform
26/11/2013 Canadian Accountants Push For Clarity In Tax Reform Debate
26/11/2013 Doubts Cast Over Obamacare Tax Credit Income Verification
25/11/2013 EC Takes Belgium To Court For 'Discriminatory' Tax Measures
21/11/2013 Moroccan Parliament Backs Austerity Budget
22/11/2013 ECJ To Rule On Constitutionality Of Germany's Nuclear Fuel Tax
21/11/2013 Switzerland Under Tax Pressure Ahead Of Jakarta Global Forum
20/11/2013 France's Ayrault Eyes Radical Tax Reform In 2015
20/11/2013 Tax Breaks To Boost NZ Home Ownership
19/11/2013 South Korea, Australia Nearer to FTA Deal
20/11/2013 ECOFIN Discusses Savings Tax Directive
19/11/2013 Costa Rica's Luxury Home Tax Benefits Poor Families
19/11/2013 Bill Introduced To Repeal Obamacare's 'Belly Button' Tax
18/11/2013 Algerian Lawmakers Pass 2014 Budget
18/11/2013 IRS Under Further Pressure Over Erroneous Tax Refunds
18/11/2013 Germany Updates Foreign Business Travel Tax Deductions
15/11/2013 France Unveils Life Insurance Tax Reform
14/11/2013 Singapore Nears FATCA Agreement With US
15/11/2013 Algerian Lawmakers Consider Tax Exemptions
15/11/2013 Egypt Backs Away From Progressive Tax Plans
15/11/2013 Belgium Answers FAQs On Tax Amnesty Scheme
14/11/2013 Belgium's Di Rupo Confirms Withholding Tax Rate Changes
13/11/2013 Vietnam Cuts Rubber Export Tariffs
12/11/2013 Commissioner Defends Irish LPT System
12/11/2013 Germany's Chemical Industry Defends Renewable Energy Tax Break
13/11/2013 Singapore Consults On FATF Regulatory Changes


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