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Search Results for European Union in 2017.

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22/06/2017 Future UK Tax Policy Uncertain, As May Focuses On Brexit
22/06/2017 EU Announces New Transparency Rules For Tax Advisors
21/06/2017 MEPs Call For Tougher Anti-Dumping Rules
21/06/2017 Irish MEP: EU Unable To Estimate CCCTB Impact
21/06/2017 Ireland Sets Out Stall For Brexit Talks
19/06/2017 Irish Business Sets Out Brexit Wish List
19/06/2017 EU Closes Investigation Into Finnish Car Tax
16/06/2017 MEPs Seek Stronger Tax Rules For Sharing Economy
15/06/2017 Ibec Urges New Irish Gov't To Be Brexit, BEPS Ready
12/06/2017 EU Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties On Chinese Steel
09/06/2017 UK's Hung Parliament Puts Some Proposals In Jeopardy
09/06/2017 New EU Agency To Pursue VAT Fraudsters
09/06/2017 Ibec: EU CCCTB Would Hit Ireland Hard
08/06/2017 68 Jurisdictions Sign BEPS Multilateral Instrument
07/06/2017 New Zealand Seeking FTA Talks With EU
07/06/2017 Juncker Grilled By European Parliament Tax Committee
05/06/2017 EU, China Add To Customs Cooperation
02/06/2017 EU Parliament Signs Off On Cut-Rate VAT For E-books
01/06/2017 Irish Revenue Says No To Post-Brexit Customs Posts
01/06/2017 EU, Norway Initial VAT Cooperation Agreement
31/05/2017 OECD Prepares For BEPS Action 6 Peer Reviews
31/05/2017 Irish Gov't Helping SMEs Prepare For Brexit
31/05/2017 Irish Firms Lack Expertise To Manage 'New UK Border'
30/05/2017 EU Council Adopts Directive On Hybrid Mismatches
29/05/2017 Firms In High-Tax EU States Support Single EU-Wide Rate
27/05/2017 WTO Reviews Trade Policies In Switzerland, Liechtenstein
24/05/2017 Malmstrom: EU, US Need More Time On Trade Deal
24/05/2017 EU To Continue With Common Corporate Tax Base Talks
23/05/2017 EU Warns Ireland Over Tax Base
23/05/2017 European Council Authorizes Brexit Talks
19/05/2017 EU Parliament To Debate Position On Brexit
18/05/2017 EU Asks France To Amend WHT Regime
18/05/2017 MEPs Reject Commission's Blacklist A Third Time
18/05/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Challenges To Ireland
17/05/2017 North America A Growing Market For Irish Exporters
16/05/2017 Irish Drinks Industry Calls For Excise Duty Reform
16/05/2017 Irish Small Firms: Cut Taxes To Compete With UK
15/05/2017 IMF Calls On Ireland To Expand Tax Base
15/05/2017 Ibec: Brexit Will Increase Competition For Investment
10/05/2017 EU, Mexico To Speed Up Free Trade Talks
09/05/2017 EU Committee: Tax System Not Fit For New, Digital Economy
08/05/2017 EU Moving Forward With New Anti-Dumping Regime
04/05/2017 OECD Issues Progress Update On CbC Reporting Implementation
04/05/2017 Irish Gov't Publishes Its Response To Brexit
04/05/2017 Greece Agrees Tax Measures With Lenders
04/05/2017 EU Committee Approves Lower EU VAT On E-Books
03/05/2017 Countries Looking To Tax Incentives To Stay Competitive: Survey
02/05/2017 EU Reports On Latest Round Of Japan FTA Talks
02/05/2017 Tax 'Lost' In Panama Papers Worth Up To EUR237bn For EU
01/05/2017 EU27 Agrees Brexit Negotiating Position
28/04/2017 Europe Will Conclude FTA With UK, Says EU Commissioner
28/04/2017 Italy Referred To ECJ Over Fuel Duties
28/04/2017 Tusk: UK Must Resolve Brexit Issues Before Tax Talk Begins
27/04/2017 EU To Tighten Anti-Fraud System
26/04/2017 EU Consults On Changes To Energy Taxation
25/04/2017 China Extends Anti-Dumping Duties On US, EU Optical Fiber
20/04/2017 New Report Estimates UK VAT Lost From Online Sales
19/04/2017 UK Gov't Calls Snap Election Ahead Of Brexit Talks
19/04/2017 Canadian Governments Agree Internal Trade Deal
19/04/2017 EU Consults On Alcohol Excise Duty Reform
17/04/2017 BEPS Inclusive Framework Meeting Held In Georgia
13/04/2017 EU Consults On Altering Arrangements For Excise Duty
12/04/2017 Australia, EU Take Next Step Toward FTA Talks
10/04/2017 EU, Norway Agree Freer Trade For Agricultural Goods
06/04/2017 MEPs: UK Can't Negotiate Non-EU Free Trade Deals Before Brexit
04/04/2017 UK Gov't Must Anticipate Possible EU Free Trade Deal Void
03/04/2017 Switzerland, UK Begin Free Trade Talks
30/03/2017 MEPs: Brexit Deal Cannot Be Better Than EU Membership
30/03/2017 Irish Farmers Call For Free Access To UK Post-Brexit
29/03/2017 Swiss To Talk Free Trade With UK
28/03/2017 MEPs Approve Hybrid Mismatch Proposals
24/03/2017 Barnier: EU Wants Brexit Deal With UK
22/03/2017 Ombudsman Backs EU Judgment On Spanish VAT
22/03/2017 OECD Schedules Next BEPS Webcast For March 28
22/03/2017 ECOFIN Discusses EU VAT Reform Proposals
22/03/2017 EU, Japan Making Headway On FTA
21/03/2017 Ireland Seeking Close EU-UK Relationship, Says Noonan
21/03/2017 EU Trade Chief Promotes Benefits Of Canada Trade Deal
20/03/2017 OECD, IMF Reports On Providing Businesses With Tax Certainty
16/03/2017 EU Approves Tax Breaks For French Regions
16/03/2017 MEPs Oppose German Road Toll
15/03/2017 Food Drink Ireland Calls For Speedy Talks On EU-UK Trade
14/03/2017 EU, ASEAN Look To Restart Trade Talks
10/03/2017 Ibec: Major Overhaul Of Irish Business Tax Offering Needed
07/03/2017 ECJ Dismisses E-Books VAT Appeal From Poland
07/03/2017 EU, New Zealand Conclude Preparatory FTA Talks
06/03/2017 EU Will Take Irish Concerns Over Brexit Into Account
03/03/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Dual Threats To Ireland
03/03/2017 EU Consults On How To Tackle VAT Fraud
01/03/2017 EU: Switzerland Should Move Quickly On Tax Reform
01/03/2017 MEPs Call For Wider Access To Beneficial Ownership Data
28/02/2017 Study Highlights Benefits Of EU FTAs To Agri-Food Sector
24/02/2017 EU Concerned By Ireland's Narrow Tax Base
23/02/2017 WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement Enters Into Force
22/02/2017 EU Reaches Agreement On Tackling Hybrid Mismatches
22/02/2017 Italy Looking For Avenues To Increase Tax Revenues
21/02/2017 Trudeau Welcomes Progress In Implementing CETA
21/02/2017 Leading Party Rejects Italian Excise Tax Hikes
21/02/2017 Greece Referred To European Court Over Excise Duty
20/02/2017 EU, Japan Pushing For FTA Conclusion


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