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Search Results for Canada in 2017.

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24/07/2017 Canada's Small Firms Concerned Over Tax Reforms
24/07/2017 NAFTA Talks To Start August 16
20/07/2017 Think Tank Warns Canada Against Over-Taxing Cannabis
19/07/2017 Canadian Mining Firm Challenging 'Retaliatory' Romanian VAT Claim
19/07/2017 Canada To Close Tax Loopholes
18/07/2017 Canada Ready To Work On NAFTA
18/07/2017 Grenada, Canada Agree To Exchange Tax Information
18/07/2017 US Publishes Objectives For NAFTA Update
17/07/2017 IMF Urges Canada To Review Tax System
14/07/2017 Netherlands And Indonesia Clarify Fund Taxation
14/07/2017 EU Tax Burden Steady In 2015, At 38.7pc Of GDP
13/07/2017 TPP11 Explore Plan B Agreement In Japan
14/07/2017 Canada, EU Set Provisional Date for CETA Implementation
05/07/2017 US Urged To Resist NAFTA Protectionism
28/06/2017 Canada To Improve Revenue Services For SMEs
28/06/2017 Canada To Improve Tax Objections Process
28/06/2017 Canadian Ministers Discuss US Anti-Dumping Duties
27/06/2017 Canada Disappointed By Latest US Anti-Dumping Duties
20/06/2017 Canadian FMs Discuss Taxation Of Cannabis
20/06/2017 Canada Cracking Down On Real Estate Tax Evasion
16/06/2017 Canadian MPs Recommend Changes To Media Taxation
14/06/2017 Canada, UK Cooperate In Anti-VAT Fraud Sting
12/06/2017 OECD Seeks Taxpayer Input On BEPS Action 14 Peer Reviews
12/06/2017 Canada To Amend Voluntary Disclosure Program
09/06/2017 Clarity Sought On CRA Employment Insurance Rulings
09/06/2017 Canada Explains Tax Treaty Changes To Prevent Abuse
08/06/2017 Canada To Amend DTAs With Germany, Switzerland
07/06/2017 Canada, Chile Modernize Trade Agreement
07/06/2017 CRA Analyzes Canadian Income Tax Gap
02/06/2017 Canada Provides Update On Anti-Avoidance Work
01/06/2017 IMF Analyzes Impact Of US Tax Changes On Canada
31/05/2017 Views Sought On NAFTA Tariff Changes
31/05/2017 Canadian FM Promotes 'Tax Fairness' Policies
30/05/2017 Mixed Bag For Canadian Revenue In 2016-17
24/05/2017 Canada Extends Consultation On Farming Tax Break
24/05/2017 Malmstrom: EU, US Need More Time On Trade Deal
23/05/2017 Canadian Taxpayers Federation Criticizes Gasoline Taxes
22/05/2017 Canada Criticizes Latest US Anti-Dumping Investigations
22/05/2017 Canadian Gov't Publishes Paper On Carbon Pricing
22/05/2017 TPP Nations Agree To Continue Without US
19/05/2017 Canada Announces Tax Exemption For Military Personnel
19/05/2017 Canada Responds To Launch Of US NAFTA Consultations
19/05/2017 US Kickstarts NAFTA Renegotiation Process
17/05/2017 North America A Growing Market For Irish Exporters
17/05/2017 Canadian Firms Seeking Supportive Tax Policies
16/05/2017 Think Tank Criticizes Canadian Carbon Taxes
15/05/2017 CRA Hails Record Number Of Online Users
11/05/2017 Canadian Businesses Concerned Over NAFTA
09/05/2017 Canada Considering Response To US Lumber Tariffs
09/05/2017 Canadian Tax Agency To Suspend Political Activities Audits
08/05/2017 Canada Proposes Tax Relief for Farmers
02/05/2017 European Free Trade Association Reports On Trade Talks
27/04/2017 US To Renegotiate NAFTA, Not Terminate It
26/04/2017 Canada To Fight US Lumber Duties
25/04/2017 Canada Responds To 'Unfair' US Lumber Tariff
24/04/2017 Canada Consults On Priorities For China FTA Talks
21/04/2017 Ontario To Introduce Foreign Buyers Property Tax
19/04/2017 Canada To Investigate Real Estate Tax Compliance
19/04/2017 Canadian Governments Agree Internal Trade Deal
18/04/2017 Bank Of Canada Cautious Over US Tax Changes
14/04/2017 Canada Tables Budget Implementation Bill
13/04/2017 Rio Tinto Publishes Details Of Taxes Paid In 2016
12/04/2017 Canadian CEOs Weigh In On US Tax Reform
11/04/2017 Report Outlines Options For Canadian Marijuana Taxes
07/04/2017 Fraser Institute Paper Calls For Canadian Income Tax Reform
05/04/2017 Hong Kong Signs AEOI Pacts With Portugal And South Africa
03/04/2017 G20 Citizens Favor BEPS Crackdown Over Tax Competition
31/03/2017 Report On Australian Mining Calls For Tax Reform
29/03/2017 Quebec Announces Income Tax Reforms
24/03/2017 US Begins Process Required To Renegotiate NAFTA
24/03/2017 Uber Canada Concerned Over Ride-sharing Tax Reform
23/03/2017 Canadian Budget Focuses On 'Tax Fairness'
21/03/2017 EU Trade Chief Promotes Benefits Of Canada Trade Deal
17/03/2017 Hong Kong Agrees Automatic Exchange Of Information With Six New Jurisdictions
16/03/2017 Canadian SMEs Seeking Tax Cuts At Budget
15/03/2017 Canada's Trudeau Concerned About US Border Adjustment Tax Plan
14/03/2017 Canadian MPs Call For Tougher Action On Tax Evasion
10/03/2017 Minerals Council: Australia's Tax System Is Uncompetitive
08/03/2017 Canada Launches New Online Tax, Benefits Portal
07/03/2017 Canada: US Trade Affected By NAFTA Uncertainty
06/03/2017 Canada Counts Revenue Lost On E-Commerce Imports
06/03/2017 Canada Extends Mineral Exploration Tax Credit
01/03/2017 Canada Publishes Tax Expenditures Report
28/02/2017 Canada Cuts Anti-Dumping Duties On US Drywall
27/02/2017 Canada To Ramp Up Efforts Against Tax Evasion
22/02/2017 British Columbia Reforms PST, Corporate Tax Rates
21/02/2017 Trudeau Welcomes Progress In Implementing CETA
20/02/2017 Think Tank: British Columbia Carbon Tax Not Revenue Neutral
17/02/2017 Hong Kong Ranked As Freest Economy For 22nd Year
16/02/2017 EU: Canadian Free Trade Agreement Could Apply From April
15/02/2017 Canada Urged To Measure Tax Gap To Boost Revenues
09/02/2017 Canada Opposed To New US Tariffs
08/02/2017 Canadians Weigh Up Tax Options For Funding Media Content
07/02/2017 Sugary Drinks Tax Proposed For Canada's Northwest Territories
07/02/2017 Canada Confirms Loss Of Data On 28,000 Taxpayers
06/02/2017 CRA's Offshore Informant Program Nets CAD1m
02/02/2017 British Columbia Issues Reminder On Carbon Tax Relief
31/01/2017 OECD Progresses With MAP Peer Review Work
31/01/2017 British Columbia To Amend Foreign Buyers Tax
31/01/2017 Canadian Manufacturers Call For Boost To Tax Competitiveness


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