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17/02/2017 UK VAT Flat Rate Scheme Changes Too Far-reaching, Warn Tax Experts
17/02/2017 Hong Kong Ranked As Freest Economy For 22nd Year
16/02/2017 US Retailers Talk Tax Reform With Trump
16/02/2017 UK Chamber Calls For Property Tax Reform
16/02/2017 Spanish Penalties On Overseas Undeclared Assets Challenged
16/02/2017 South Africa Consults On Diesel Fuel Tax Refund Overhaul
16/02/2017 Australian Company Directors Seek Better Whistleblower Protections
15/02/2017 SARS Rules On Non-Executive Directors' Fees
15/02/2017 New Zealand Passes Bill To Simplify Business Tax Compliance
15/02/2017 IRS Warns On Micro-Captive Insurance Tax Shelters
14/02/2017 Australian Accountants Urge Tax Burden Shift
14/02/2017 Botswana's Budget Seeks To Broaden Tax Base
14/02/2017 New Blood To Push EU Campaign On 'Harmful' Tax Competition
14/02/2017 Hong Kong To Receive SME Tax Cuts Under New Chief Executive
13/02/2017 UAE Confirms Details For VAT From January 2018
13/02/2017 Australia Consults On Beneficial Ownership Reporting Options
13/02/2017 Australian Firms Push For Corporate Tax Cut Pledge
13/02/2017 Republican Group Proposes US Carbon Tax
13/02/2017 SARS Issues Revised Capital Gains Tax Guides
13/02/2017 South Korea Achieved Record Tax Revenues In 2016
10/02/2017 AMCHAM Ireland Backs Govt's Appeal In Apple State Aid Case
10/02/2017 Australia Passes 'Fairer Tax' Reforms
10/02/2017 Italy Collects Record Anti-Tax Evasion Revenue In 2016
10/02/2017 US Bill To Give Aircraft Management Services Tax Break
10/02/2017 Tax Cuts, GST Hike Would Boost Australian Economy: IMF
09/02/2017 ATO Investigating 'Stapled Structures'
09/02/2017 EU Presidency Pushing BEPS Agenda
09/02/2017 Saint Lucia Cuts Value-Added Tax Rate
09/02/2017 SARS Rules On Funding Of Trade Associations
08/02/2017 ATO Working To Provide Reliable Online Services
08/02/2017 Ireland Updates Guidance On Tax Ruling Info Exchange
08/02/2017 UK Court Shuts Down Adult Entertainment VAT 'Loophole'
08/02/2017 Permanency Urged For US New Markets Tax Credit
08/02/2017 IRS Warns Over Fake Charities
07/02/2017 Firms Urge UK To Review Business Rates, R And D Tax Breaks
07/02/2017 ACCI Calls For Tax Cuts In Australian Budget
06/02/2017 Irish FinMin Guides On New Beneficial Ownership Rule
06/02/2017 CIOT Urges Delay For UK's Making Tax Digital Plans
06/02/2017 UK MNE Tax Compliance Yield Dips 'Temporarily'
06/02/2017 Brady Talks Up US Corporate Tax Reform
06/02/2017 Noonan Updates Parliament On Apple State Aid Case
03/02/2017 Austrian Income Tax Cuts Boosted Economy, Says IMF
03/02/2017 Raise Taxes For UK's Self-Employed, IFS Recommends
03/02/2017 Malta To Speed Up VAT Airport Refunds
03/02/2017 ATO Issues Guidance On Tax Risk Management
03/02/2017 Jaitley Delivers India's 2017-18 Budget
03/02/2017 IRS Concern Over Payroll Info Scam Developments
02/02/2017 Think Tank Questions Need For Australian Company Tax Cuts
02/02/2017 HMRC Updates Making Tax Digital Plans
01/02/2017 UK To Increase Income Tax Cash Basis Threshold
01/02/2017 Tusk: EU Should Intensify Free Trade Strategy
01/02/2017 IRS Simplifies Tax-Exempt Return Filing
01/02/2017 Firms Anticipate Rise In TP Controversy Post BEPS
01/02/2017 Australia Says Corporate Tax Cut, Free Trade A Win-Win
31/01/2017 OECD Progresses With MAP Peer Review Work
31/01/2017 Canadian Manufacturers Call For Boost To Tax Competitiveness
31/01/2017 IRS Should Now Have Employers' Information Forms
31/01/2017 Mexico Introduces Amnesty For Repatriated Assets
30/01/2017 SARS Issues PBO Tax Exemption Guide
30/01/2017 Morrison Makes Case For Australian Tax Cuts
30/01/2017 London Mayor Seeks To Break From UK Tax Regime
30/01/2017 Finland Adds E-Services Rule To Mitigate VAT Refund Fraud
30/01/2017 Bills Reintroduced To Repeal US Estate Tax
26/01/2017 Australian Gov't Tackling Super Guarantee Non-Compliance
26/01/2017 Brady Plugs Republican Tax Reform, Obamacare Repeal
26/01/2017 Switzerland Approves Basel Airport Tax Deal
26/01/2017 Study Shows Impact Of US Foreign Reinsurance Bill
26/01/2017 New Estonian Government Adjusts Fiscal Path
26/01/2017 Ireland's Kenny Hopeful On Brexit Opportunities
25/01/2017 Brexit Ruling Could Be 'Damaging For Taxpayers'
25/01/2017 Canadian Businesses Concerned Over NAFTA Changes
25/01/2017 SARS Issues Revised VAT Guide For Vendors
25/01/2017 Noonan Outlines Ireland's Objections To CCCTB
25/01/2017 OECD Releases Draft TP Toolkit For Developing Nations
24/01/2017 World Bank Launches Data Platform That Compares Jurisdictions
24/01/2017 UK, Australia To Begin Free Trade Talks
24/01/2017 China Sees Tax Revenue Growth Slowdown
24/01/2017 HMRC Warns On Expense Claims Ahead Of Filing Deadline
23/01/2017 Business Group: Hard Brexit 'Threatens Irish SMEs'
23/01/2017 The Philippines Pursuing Tax Reform
23/01/2017 White House Confirms US Could Withdraw From NAFTA
20/01/2017 UK Announces Telecoms Sector Tax Relief
20/01/2017 UK Commits To Improving Tax Industry, Taxpayer Engagement
20/01/2017 US Firms Start Social Media Campaign For Tax Cut
20/01/2017 Tax Foundation Studies US Pass-Through Tax Reform
20/01/2017 Seychelles Issues Corporate Social Responsibility Tax Guide
24/01/2017 UK Government To Reform Horseracing Levy
24/01/2017 Hong Kong Eyeing Policies To Boost Growth
24/01/2017 US Congress Receives Savings Tax Incentive Bill
24/01/2017 Digital Services Sales Tax Floated In Canada
24/01/2017 EU Tells Italy To Reduce Budget Deficit
24/01/2017 Retailers Urge Reform Of UK Commercial Property Tax
18/01/2017 Irish Firms Respond To Hard Brexit Announcement
18/01/2017 Macau Hints At Gaming Tax Reform
17/01/2017 UK Urged To Delay Making Tax Digital Plans
17/01/2017 ATO Probing Digital Records For Tax Non-Compliance
17/01/2017 Norway Amended Import VAT Reporting Rules
17/01/2017 French Court Of Auditors Urges Corporate Tax Cut
17/01/2017 Irish CEOs Fearful Of Brexit
17/01/2017 Canada Could Also Face Trump Tariffs


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